Monday, May 16, 2011

B-Line Dinner (Orlando)

We went to one of our hotel restaurant, B-Line Dinner 3 times during our stay. We went there went we first arrive at pass midnight and since they open till 4pm, this is our only choice unless we want to venture outside for Dany's or McDonald's. B-Line is a 50's style dinner with upholstered booths or high stool by the counter with a art-deco feel.

They have a huge selection of desserts but we didn't really fell like it all 3 occasion =(

1st visit : Late night menu
Mini pulled beef sloppy Joes
~ with spicy slaw and cheddar
It wasn't really that good, too little meat inside, the bun was very dry and the slaw was bland.

Grilled Chicken Burger
~ smoked Gouda, blackened tomato, crispy bacon, avocado, toasted kaiser and fries
This was really good, the chicken was moist with intense flavor and goes perfectly with the creamy avocado adn lighten up by the refreshing tartness of the blackened tomatoes.
Even the fries was very good.

2nd visit : Dinner (3rd night)

We sat by the counter to have full view of their open kitchen and enjoying cold beer after a long day walk in the hot and humid Orlando weather

Roasted Beets
~ goat cheese crema, arugula, oranges, toasted pecan
Not worth the $10 and not comparable to the one here

Chicken Pot Pie
~ hearty chicken pot pie with chucks of fresh carrots, celery onions, peas and puffed pastry lid.
This is one of their signature dish and it's been feature on Food Network here.
It was freshly made since we saw the chef making the fillings... just looking at the puff pastry made me want to dig in right away but was very disappointed to find a not so creamy sauce (find it a bit watery, would have prefer it be be thicker) and as I'm eating this realize that the filling are in different sizes... but it tasted really good but not that great.

Mojo Chicken Paillard
~ with black bean and yellow rice
I guess Orlando really specialize in Island food like what I had here, here and here since this was really really good. The beans and yellow rice was so flavorful that I could easily eat another portion and the sauce have a touch of coconut milk + a bit of spiciness to it goes so well with the grilled Chicken. The chicken itself was very well marinated and grilled to perfection with leave it with a crispy outside and super moist inside. And the color and presentation can't be more pretty =D

3rd visit : Breakfast (before heading to the airport)

Belgian Waffle
~ with toasted pecan and crumbled bacon
When I ordered this, I was expecting some pecan and bacon sprinkled on top but it was actually incorporated into the battered. This was made fresh, love the sweet and savorya plus the waffle itself was very fluffy and buttery =D

Omelet w/ hash and toast
Really nothing special but the hash was very flavorful with bits of thick bacon inside but too bad it was cold =(

Verdict :
a bit pricy compare to the other restaurant around the hotel area
24 hrs take out available so if you want a late night snack, this is much cheaper than room service

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  1. I noticed you're venturing more into the land of "chicken"!!! ^_^

  2. LOL, Ben ordered the Burger and we notice that their chicken was really good so the 2nd time I wanted the Mojo Chicken and then the waitress highly recommended the pot pie hence all these chicken dishes =P

  3. O yeh chicken pot pie is totally another beast...its hearty comfort food so I dig that too =)