Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bahama Breeze Island Grille (Orlando)

Our last night in Orlando and we went to Bahama Breeze for dinner which is another nearby choice. Yes, another Caribbean restaurant after our meal here and here. We arrive quite late but it was very pack and still had to wait for another half hour or so.

Frozen Bahamarita
~ Cuerco Gold tequila, kiwi, strawberry and mango ice
Can I say BRAIN FREEZE but great after a day in the hot humid weather.

Breezy Sangria
~ Passion Fruit Mango Chardonnay
This was super light and refreshing but I prefer slightly fruitier version of Sangria.

 Coconut Shrimp
~ Crispy large shrimp hand-breaded w/ sweet flaky coconut served w/ citrus mustard dipping sauce.
 This was delicious, fresh and served pipping hot... just ♥ it, will go perfectly with a pint of beer =P

 Crab, Shrimp, Mango & Avocado Stack @ $12.99 (FREE)
~ Jumbo stack of crab meat, chilled shrimp, fresh avocados and apple-mango salsa layered and stacked w/ a spicy honey red pepper drizzle.
I really couldn't ask for more, it's huge, bright, colorful, refreshing and yummy. All you need is to get a bit of everything in each bite (^_^)

Fresh Ahi Tuna Stack @ $11.99 (Free)
~ in a light citrus & soy marinate served raw, layered and stacked with avocados, arugula, vine-ripened tomato salsa & fresh baked flatbread crackers (From Daily Specials)

You may ask why 2 "stack" appetizers ?!? We originally ordered the Tuna  but we were then told it's been sold out and seeing my disappointment they gave us the crab & shrimp version instead on the house and ask us to choose any other appetizer for free... but they found a last serving of the tuna at the end and we end up getting both of the stacks FREE !!! Isn't this the best customer service ever =D

So great that we got to try both since although the presentation are the same, it can't be more different in so many ways. The crab & shrimp was cook whereas this tuna version is a tartare. 
Love how light the citrus & soy marinate was (unlike the one I had here) and let the freshness of the fish to shine through with a pop of flavor from the salsa at the bottom.

 Wood Grilled Jerk Painted Mahi Mahi @ $18.99
 This was pick you own type of fish, sauce and grilled or sauteed type of dish.
I am normally not a "cook" fish type of person but it was perfectly cook with a crispy slightly spicy sauced exterior and super moist interior. 
The rice was cook perfeclty with a very refreshing salsa on the side and of course plaintain

Calypso Shrimp Linguine @ $17.79
~ shrimp sauteed with garlic, scallions, tomatoes, Creole Spices and a touch of cream.
Ben order the full size but also come in a lighter smaller version and regretted it as soon as it hits our table.
It was HUGE !!!
This is the first time I have pasta that have some sort of jerk seasoning added to it and it was surprisingly good. As I was eating this, I'm already thinking that I can try to make this a home with my favorite bottled of extra spicy jerk sauce (aka Grace Hot Jerk Seasoning, my go to for BBQ chicken wing and octopus marinade. Beware it`s super spicy and I swear I tried many brand before but I ♥ this one the best)

We were so full with 2 drinks + 3 appetizers + 2 entree that we have to skip dessert. Yes skip dessert given that I normally always have room for dessert but really, their portion are HUGE so so that you can served 2 person per dish very easily.

 Huge Patio

 Verdict :
This is one of the best tasting chain restaurant I`ve ever been.
I just wish they open one up here in Toronto.
Affordable, HUGE portion, great tasting, great service =D
♥ it

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  1. Holy that pasta dish is giant! I've never had jerk seasoning pasta but I don't see why not...sounds like it taste really good :) Wow that's a lot of food but hey, free apps? No complaints there hehe! Awesome description of the coconut shrimps..made me want to eat it right now!!! ^_^

  2. LOL, thanks =D
    I don't know why we don't have this type of restaurant here =(

  3. wow 2 FREE apps that's awesome wat a great end to ur trip

  4. yes, I was totally surprise at the customer service at Orlando for all the restaurant that we've been... they'll ask you if it's the first time you've been there and describe all their most popular dishes in details, ♥ it

  5. Love Bahama Breeze and love your blog! Following!

  6. Thanks, love yours too... OMG the shoes you got, super cute