Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chinese Halal Restaurant 清真中華牛羊館

Went to the 2nd location of Chinese Halal Restaurant  清真中華牛羊館  that recently open at the Finch and Leslie Plaza with my boyfriend and his mum last Friday. Me & Ben have been to the first location at Midland and Sheppard a few times before and glad that there's a closer and better location now (^_^)

As most of you know already that I ♥ spicy food but since we went with his mum who can't handle spicy at all, so we only order 2 spicy dishes

Steam Chicken w/ chili sauce 口水雞
~ served cold, it really translate to Saliva Chicken so instead it says steam chicken on their menu =P
It's not bad but can't beat the one from Backyard Garden Restaurant (半畝園) here which I think is the best in Toronto. Simple but super intense and complex flavor with a touch of sesame oil.

House-made chili sauce O_o"

Deep Fried Sesame Lamb Chop 芝麻羊排
This is one of my fave dish that I always order from the other location, just look at the layers of the crispy skin & sesame, layers of fat and layers of meat with the light vinaigrette dipping sauce.
Please eat it right away when it's HOT and the fat will just melt in your mouth and doesn't fell heavy at all.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Khao San Road

My fave Thai place Sukhothai open a second location in the entertainment district call Khao San Road and the chef Nuit moving to this location. I made reservation for Saturday night for 6 people a few days ahead and only an 8:30pm opening was available. We all arrive very on time (even 5-10 mins early) but the place was pack and our table wasn't ready until 9:15pm. We stood by the bar w/ beer and chat while waiting and the owner was very nice as to provide us with free fresh Shrimp Chips.

There's no sign except for a few pieces of paper on the window but there's no mistake about it since it was pack... super packed.
On the side, it says Love Life and according to the owner it said Lo life at first and he just added the "ve" to it 

The guys drank so many of this Thai beer  while waiting

The space was very casual with around 50 seats, bare wooden table w/ a long metal bar plus 2 long communal tables at the front (that's where we sat) and love the blackboard wall by the kitchen window
 Garlic Chicken ไก่ทอดกระเที่ยมพริกไทย
~ deep fried chicken breaded in a crispy garlic coating served with a sweet and tangy garlic sauce.
 This is super garlicky, light and crispy yet not greasy/ oily at all and super moist inspite of it being white meat
Super Yummy !!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Trio Ristorante Pizzeria

 Wanted to go out to eat on a week night and didn't want to go all the way downtown, so we opted for mid-town Trio Ristorante Pizzeria. It's a family owned restaurant with a custom made wood burning oven.
Flat Bread w/ olive oil, herbs and garlic
~ a bit dry to my taste with way too much salt and seasoning

 a bottle of affordable House Red @ $25.00

Cozze In Padella
~ Fresh P.E.I mussels Italian style, white wine, celery, garlic, fresh herbs in a tomato sauce.
Wish they serve this with some bread / baguette to dip the sauce =P
Good but really nothing special, taste like what I would made at home but for only $10.95, I won't complain.
( ♥ the one from here a lot better)

Curly Ext.

As I have pointed out again and again how I hated my haircut a few weeks back  here.
It's a bit longer now and it's nearly impossible to wear it as straight bangs =(
So last week, I decided to curl up my hair and use my curly clip on from ebay.
I had been using my straight clip on from here for a while since it quick and easy but this is my first time using the curly one =P
What do you think ?!? I'm not so use to this look =P

Outfit Details: 
Dress - Amigo Boutique (my friend's online store) bangles -H&M; shoes - F21; clip-on - ebay

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Cupcakery

 As most of you know already I like my dessert warm and ooyee gooyee... Cupcakes, I'm more into it rather for it's cuteness =P So when i saw a FabFind coupon of $12 for a dozen of cupcakes from The Cupcakery. I just couldn't pass on a good deal like that, $1 for 1 cupcake and cute picture opt (^_^) So we decided to go get it after our Lunch at Stockyards here.

The shot was super cute and girly with all over pink theme

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Finally some sun for my outfit pictures but I still manage to delay it until sunset =P
but end up loving the shadow and the sun shinning at the back (^_^)
Wanted to try out the Round Sunglasses trend for a while and I manage to find a Chanel looking one that day 
First time rocking RED lips from my MAC buy here... What do you thing?!?

Outfit Details: 
Dress, Bag -H&M; Leather Jacket - ZARA; rings - F21; caged ring- Anarchy Street; boots - UO; sunglasses - Aldo

The Stockyards smokehouse&larder (Part 2)

After our first visit here, we swear to go back to Stockyards for their Fried Chicken and we did this past Saturday since we were in the area to pick up something (post to come). This time around I couldn't take any pictures of the place since it was so packed, every space was covered by people.... so you'll have to go back to my first post here for pictures of the place. It is always pack during lunch hour on the weekends but people come and go very quickly so it shouldn't be a very long wait =D

Stockyards Fried Chicken Combo
~Buttermilk marinated fried chicken with fries and side coleslaw
As per the menu it'll take 15-20 minutes to make but we got these within minutes and it came warm not hot and it also doesn't help that we were siting by the door
But it was still really tasty, super moist with a touch of spice =D
Love the Hot Sauce too, although the chicken didn't really need it so I had it with the fries mostly

J Town

Just want to share some random pictures of our J Town takeout.
J Town is mainly a Japanese grocery store with a small take-out/restaurant, bakery, fish/sushi and all Jap junk food you can find. 
I would recommend buying Jap Junk food at Chinese store which is cheaper but great for a quick bite or sushi/sashimi takeout..... and you just have to try their Raw Cheese Cake at the bakery, so gooood (don't have a pic, I'll make sure to get one next time)

 Winter seems to be back today and it just make me crave for comfort food and here;s one of my fave
Best Katsu Don in Toronto
~ Katsu Don is a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet, egg, and condiments
When I think of Japanese comfort food, that's what comes to mind... served super hot, it's just so warm and comforting, perfect for winter
(1st pic was when we ate  there and the 2nd pic was from our takeout)

Monday, March 21, 2011

1st taste of Summer

Got this Sam Edelman Morence sandals from Little Burgundy online Clearance for $19.99.
Another addition to my Sam Edelman collection here.

Really want to get the Exie sandals instead but I'm really not willing to pay $150 for a pair of sandals
so I guess I have to do with this plain one for now

Coconut Island (椰子島)

Coconut Island (椰子島) is located at New Kennedy Plaza (Kennedy & Hwy 7) and I've always been a fan since the location is just so convenient, but went there a few months ago and it was a disappointment... I don't think I'll go back anytime soon and will probably switch to Gourmet Garden (膳園) here since it taste much better and also cheaper =D

Chicken wrapped in Panda Leaf (gai haaw bai dteuy)

Penang Prawn Noodle (賓城蝦湯麵) 
Comparing from the pic from here , you'll notice that the pawn paste was missing.... they use to have it from my previous visit and it lack overall flavor

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Liberty Belle Bistro

Have meant to go since Liberty Belle Bistro about 2 months ago when it first open, then came the Fabfind coupon of $25 for $60.... so no excuse, so make reservation for the weekend and went there after my shopping here. It's a bit out of the way for us but the moment we arrive, i can't help but like it... it's a very small place (i like small cozy restaurant) with super friendly service and fairly short menu = no dilemma in choosing =P

♥ the menu, it's an extra large postcard format

Bar w/ Dinner Specials on the blackboard and by the time we leave even the bar was full

Love all the wood

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

M.A.C Warehouse Sale

Got 2 last minute MAC warehouse sale tickets from a friend (Debbie: thanks for thinking of me) which I have no idea how to score these tickets, seems like people just get a bunch of them all the time...
I went there 2 years ago and score quite a bit of deal... but this time around, it seems that things are not as cheap... but still manage to spend some $$$ =P

Look in a Box (Frisky Girl) @ $40.00 (below and top pic)
Considering it contain an eye shadow, 2 blush (one regular + one highlighter), a lipgloss and a mascara, it's a pretty good deal since just the 2 blush alone will normally cost you more than that.
It's also a great to stock up as last minute gift

Btw, I didn't buy the small blue eyeshadow (not my color) but it was a free gift that everyone gets at the exit

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello Spring !!!

I welcoming spring with a soft pastel dress and a bright coral lip color ... 
so glad to be able to toss my heavy-coat / scarf/ gloves aside and can't wait until bare arms & legs days..

Outfit Details: 
Dress - Rory Beca for F21; Leather Jacket - ZARA; Sweater w/ faux fur, Bag -H&M; rings - F21
boots - Sam Edelman Lockhart on sale at Capezio (posted here)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lavish Cupcakes + Dessert Plus

I start with dessert since it's super CUTE & PRETTY ♥
We had a girls only dinner a few week ago at Dessert Plus (which is by the way an Italian Restaurant not a dessert cafe) and a girlfriend was early and saw Lavish Cupcakes next door... 
after trying a few, she bought a dozen mini cupcakes and we ate it at her place after dinner while watching E! channel and gossiping all night long

And of course I choose the spicy one, called After Bite (Chocolate w/ hint of chili)