Friday, March 11, 2011

Lavish Cupcakes + Dessert Plus

I start with dessert since it's super CUTE & PRETTY ♥
We had a girls only dinner a few week ago at Dessert Plus (which is by the way an Italian Restaurant not a dessert cafe) and a girlfriend was early and saw Lavish Cupcakes next door... 
after trying a few, she bought a dozen mini cupcakes and we ate it at her place after dinner while watching E! channel and gossiping all night long

And of course I choose the spicy one, called After Bite (Chocolate w/ hint of chili)

 Me and a friend was late for our dinner at Dessert Plus and the others have already started on appetizers so I didn't got a chance to take pictures and just stole the following 3 pics from a girlfriend =P
 Frankly I have never heard of this place which is in Vaughan and I was surprise at how pack it was when we arrive at 7:30pm with quite a line up waiting

Ok, they don't have a website and I really don't remember the name of the dishes but I do remember the taste
Mozzarella & Tomato
~ nothing special, the cheese was store bought tasting

Fried Rice Balls
~tasteless on it's own, thanks for the sauce

~ taste a bland as it looks (>__<)

They have HUGE portion, each bowl of pasta can feed at least 2 person

 ~ 2 of my friend order this and it's way too dense and heavy... both of them end up sharing ours and they end up packing theirs home (probably to be finish by the "garbage can" bf) =P

Penne a la Vodka (mine)
~ plainer than I have expected and really couldn't find the bacon and the pasta wasn't even in-house made (taste like dry store bought)

Mix Grilled

Chicken Parmesan
~ really, the one that I have at my monthly company lunch, AYCE at Frankie's Tomato's Chicken Parmesan actually taste better than this

Aglio E Olio
~ rapini, roasted peppers and chicken
This was the best dish of the night, garlicky flavour and the tartness from the rapini was Yummy

Basically, all of the red sauce on the pasta above tasted the same and thanks god for the huge bowl of Parmesan and chili flakes

Verdict :
The appetizers and pasta was really average and service wasn't all that great... very family style
Maybe should have tried their pizza since I notice when I was leaving that they do have a big stone pizza oven

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  1. Eek those appetizers look super plain! The gnocchi and penne look like it's just pasta with tomato sauce! I hope their pizzas are better since it must be packed for a reason? Or do ppl go because of the large portions?

  2. it was actually recommended by my gf Italian boss.... when you get there, def. mostly Italian... so I'm not sure =( ?!? and most ppl do order pasta instead of pizza

  3. the food is actually good there but the service is HORRIBLE....never want to return again since I got so angry with the host

    btw i actually have a voucher for Lavish cupcakes so can't wait to try it...which flavor did you like the most?

  4. @Karen : Thanks for reading and commenting =D and I was just reading some of your post, love it
    I actually only had one of the cupcake and it's a mini but I find it way too sweet.... it really looks much better than it taste, I like the one from For the Love of Cake much more

  5. i luv your pix so vivid and colorful:)

    thx for checking out my blog altho not as fun and interesting read as yours

    yes i agree so far i think the best cupcake place is the one in liberty village...have you tried their cake balls? i love it altho it's pretty much the same price as a cupcake so kinda pricey...what's your fav flavor? i luv the grasshopper and choc hazelnut

    still haven't collected all the stamps to get a free 6 pk sooo many flavors to choose from

    ok think i'm just rambling here...when it comes to sweets i just get so excited hehe

  6. LOL, I have only been there twice but as always love Salty Caramel and i have to say the Bacon too =P still have to try the grasshopper, sounds good =)