Monday, March 7, 2011

Aoyama Sushi [Japanese]

I'm surprise that I haven't been to Ayoyama before last week, it's basically one street away from where I live and I'll definitely go back on a very regular basic from now on =P Around 2 months or so ago we decided to drop by to have dinner on a Thursday night and thinking that there's no need for reservation but it was packed, so this time around we made reservation a week in advance (^__^)

Look at the super cute display of their special dishes...

~ slightly seared Tuna w/ chili paste on top
Love the vinaigrette w/ the cold tuna together with the tiny bit of heat from the orange chili paste

Monk Fish Liver
~ had no idea what this when ordering, but don't know why as soon as I saw it on the menu, I need to order this (>_<)
It was very rich and creamy, yet at the same time very light and delicate... very silky/velvety to the palette.

~ I think this was suppose to be for another table, they just serve it wrong to us and by the time they realize that we already dig in not knowing (we thought it was complementary) =P
I think this should come we the Omakaze (Jap. style Tasting menu)

Featured Sashimi Platter
~ Uni, amaebi, scallops, tuna, salmon, hamachi, saba, tai, crab leg
Fresh, big portion, yummy... 
could have serve 3-4 people instead of just the 2 of us but we still manage to finish everything =P

And we order the platter as a combo with a bottle of sake and they do have quite a good selection of sake at very reasonable price. 

Extra order of my fave Amaebi (sweet shrimp) Sashimi

Kani Miso Sushi & Uni Sushi
Kani Mani is a mixture of 膏 (crab's internals) with miso. This is my first time having this and it definitely taste a lot better than it looks. And I do love my crab'd/lobster's/shrimp's 膏.
Super Yummy w/ intense crab taste. ♥ it !!!

Tako Sonomono
~ octopus and seaweed marinated in vinegar served cold
I've always love this dish which it's super refreshing and a perfect palette cleanser.
Some places will have the octopus chopped into smaller size, love how it's a bigger slice here which result in a lighter taste/ not as marinated (not so sour/vinegar) and you could actually taste the octopus original taste and texture

Sesame Ice-Cream
 ~ good but nothing special (Yuzu/Japango still serves the best)
Love the red edible flower petal on top, very great contrast to the black (^_^)

Mango Mochi
~ very very good Mango ice-cream, not too sweet with a bit of the tangy taste from the mango.. although the mochi skin was nothing special and would have prefer to have it whole instead of halves since the 2 halves stick together and you have to wrestle with it for a while =P
I will just order the mango ice-cream next time.

Yummy !!!
It's uptown and close to home !!!!
Great and Friendly Service !!!
Will go back on a regular basic from now on =D

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  1. So this place has good prices too? With a good sake collection? Must visit! Where is it exactly?

    What really caught my eye was the monk fish liver and the kani miso and uni sushi! Looks fab =)

  2. Yes, must try the monk fish and kani miso =) so good and unique since not many places have them

  3. luv the can really see the freshness in the fish

    i've been wanting to try this place

    my friend went there and had the omakase and she really liked it too

  4. you have to go and it's uptown, so cnvenient