Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Another FabFind coupon for Kultura, a 3 floor King Street East Tapas style fusion restaurant. I've always been skeptical about fusion cuisine especially Asian but since it was a good deal and read some pretty good reviews about it I decided to give it a try, not to say that it's packed when I pass by the last few time....Let's just say that my idea of Asian Fusion haven't been change......

 Given that they have more than 200 seats, we got the worst table, it was at the corner and we couldn't enjoy the decor or the atmosphere at all... got the stairs on one side and brick walls on the other =(

Heard their Cocktail are really good so I opted for one instead of our usual bottle of wine.
~ Grey Goose, Melon Liqueur, Strawberries, Cucumber, Cranberry
This was very yummy, very refreshing and surprisingly not sweet (which I prefer).
This was so good that I decided to order Pretty in Pink which contain Sake and they advice me that they didn't have Sake.... so decided to skip =(

Squid Tempura
The sauce was too salty-oily, squid overcooked so it was a bit chewy and it's more like a fritter than a tempura. They also try to give pour the sauce at the table, but the server did a poor job of it and was all over the place (look at the side of the plate)

Upland Cress Salad
~ White Balsamic Glazed Beets, Black Figs, Zamorano Cheese
Good but real, fresh, perfect light dressing but very small portion for a $12 salad and there was barely 2 thinly slice cheese

Beef Carpaccio
There was some poor attempt of Kimchi which was both at the bottom and inside the roll. The Kimchi was super mild with barely any flavour while the beef was over marinated (look at the soy sauce edge of the beef).
It was SUPER SALTY !!!! Worst Carpaccio ever tasted !!! (worst than the one here)

Miso Black Cod
~ Yuzu Corn Puree, Pickled Radish Salad, Crystallized Tamarind
This was my favorite dish of the night although I won't say it's the best I ever had since a lot of other restaurant have better Miso Cod.... the yuzu puree was surprisingly light and without the bitter taste which was perfect with the miso cod and even the potato was very yummy but the pickled radish doesn't really do anything to the dish since I don't think it goes that well with the miso (maybe it's just to look pretty). 
Oh and the Tamarind was nowhere to the find

Mushroom Orecchiette
~ Malivoir Pinot Noir Pear Chutney, Aged Cheddar
This is their signature dish and read some good thing online about this... I really don't know what the pear chutney was about?!? but the aged cheddar which was added at the table was super yummy and there was truffle oil in it which was yummy (can never go wrong with truffle oil) but there was barely any mushroom... not as good as I expected it to be, was really average

(wasn't on the online menu, don't remember the exact details)
Blackened Quail with prune, the quail was a bit dry and very difficult to cut and eat

~ no flavour, love the cup thou

Chocolate Torte with Blueberry Ice-Cream
The torte was so so, nothing special but love the ice-cream, it was blueberry with something else which I forgot... but was supper yummy

Verdict :
NO GOOD !!! Don't Go !!!
If you want to try something new with better flavor combination skill , Asian fusion cuisine-ish... please go a block down to Origin instead

Btw, if you haven't already sign up to FabFind for daily deals you have to do it now since most restaurant deals are 1/2 off which will allow you to dine out more often (^_^)

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  1. I can't agree more with you about Kultura. I also ordered the mushroom orecchiate and black cod; I thought the mushroom orechhiate tasted like mac & cheese and cream of mushroom soup combined! It was tasteless and the pasta was cook too al dente (it did fill me up more). My favourite dish was also the black cod - not that it was outstanding, but it was the best relative to the other dishes I ordered.

    So pricey with small portions! I got bad service too. I will choose Origin and Cava over Kultura any day. I have no idea why there are so many great reviews about Kultura online.

  2. you remind me taht I still have to go to Cava (^_^) everything on your post looks so good

    I really enjoy Origin and Kultura is not even in the same league... I remember the server of coming over and tell us we must inform him of any allegies since each dish are extremely complex etc.... but what's so complex about it?!? I remember Origin where the presentation is so great and innovatiove taht you actually have to ask what some of the things are on each dish....