Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Stockyards smokehouse&larder (Part 2)

After our first visit here, we swear to go back to Stockyards for their Fried Chicken and we did this past Saturday since we were in the area to pick up something (post to come). This time around I couldn't take any pictures of the place since it was so packed, every space was covered by people.... so you'll have to go back to my first post here for pictures of the place. It is always pack during lunch hour on the weekends but people come and go very quickly so it shouldn't be a very long wait =D

Stockyards Fried Chicken Combo
~Buttermilk marinated fried chicken with fries and side coleslaw
As per the menu it'll take 15-20 minutes to make but we got these within minutes and it came warm not hot and it also doesn't help that we were siting by the door
But it was still really tasty, super moist with a touch of spice =D
Love the Hot Sauce too, although the chicken didn't really need it so I had it with the fries mostly

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
~ Apple and hickory smocked pork shoulder topped with coleslaw and Stockyards BBQ sauce 
I originally though that since they don't have the ribs (only have it after 5pm on Tues, Fri & Sundays only), the pull pork will have to do.... but it's far from the ribs that I ♥
Again wish it was serve hot not warm/cold

Home-made Limeade (infused with mint) 
~ must order, super sour and yummy... super refreshing and clense your palette after sauch intence flavour

Will go back for ribs & fried chicken for sure  and would love to try the Burger too
Still my fave ribs in Toronto

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  1. Again, still need to go to Stockyards :) Heard their fried chicken is one of the best in Toronto! Your post proves this =D

  2. it's because it's a bit out of teh way.... if I wasn't in the area, I don't think I'll go back so soon either =P but I'm craving for their ribs already

  3. yea i have to go back & try the chicken as well...i want to go for brunch but can never find anyone to go wit me because of the location

    after reading ur post makes me want it even more now

    on my last trip i was sittin rite in front of the cook so he kept putting baskets of chicken directly in front of my face i just wanted to steal a piece lol