Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Stockyards smokehouse&larder

The Stockyards opened last year is an unassuming barbecue restaurant specializing on southern-style slow cooked meat. I have been in search for good ribs in T.O for a while and have always wanted to try Stockyards but they only have ribs on Tuesday, Friday & Sunday starting at 5pm, which are sold out fast. So due to the continuous bad timing  I haven't been until this Tuesday.... OMG, I would say it's the best ribs you can get in Toronto.... THE BEST RIBS IN TORONTO !!!

We started with their home-made Limeade (infused with mint) and Ice tea (w/ lemon & ginger)... I didn't like the ice tea at all cause the ginger taste is way too strong but the Limeade was great, very sour and it just open up your stomach for all the meat to come =P

We order a whole rack @ $25... just looking at it make you drool =P
 The ribs itself was crispy on the outside, full of flavor and fall off the bone smokiness goodness .... and it's served with their South Carolina Style vinegar red pepper sauce which is not as sweet as most bbq sauces out there, with just enough tang and spiciness which I fell in love ♥ So good that it deserve 3 extra large pics..

Porchetta Sandwich  - fennel and garlic scented pork loin, belly, and cracklings served on a baguette with garlin aioli w/ added sauteed rapini.
This was also very very good, you can really taste the fennel and garlic in the pork and even the bread is actually very very good....

We swear to go back soon and must try the Stockyard Fried Chicken Combo which they marinate in buttermilk for hours and take at least 15-20 minutes to make. Heard raves about it and when we were there, there was a lot of people ordering it.

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  1. Stockyards has been on my "To-Eat" list like forever @_@ Those pics made my stomach growl and its bad because its almost midnight hahah! I especially love the second (middle) picture of the ribs ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. You should go.... i regretted of having waited so long.... so good =D

  3. Your ribs look amazing! I want to go here and try the fried chicken. I heard there wasn't a lot of seating? Is it a take-out place or are there a couple tables?

  4. it's mostly bar seats but there's definately seating (I would say around 20-25)... but there's a lot of take-out going on when I went there. You should definately try =D