Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Table 17

          I've been in the Leslieville area all summer, me & Ben would go down for Brunch every other Sunday and of course to pay my visit to Ed's Real Scoop ~ btw, if you haven't been, go try their Burnt Marshmallow Ice Cream & Red Hot Chile Chocolate Gelato, I swear it's the best in Toronto.

           While in the area, I've pass by Table 17 a lot of times wondering if it's any good, then a Groupon deal for $25 for $50 coupon came up and after doing some research, read some reviews, I decided to give it a try.

           As soon as I walk in I liked the atmosphere, I've always prefer those little cozy restau compare to the more high-end big name restaurant. There was a huge serving table in the center where all the bread, oil, pepers and cutlery... and also love the wood panel wall =P


We start with their Charcuterie Board  and at $15 it came with 4 different kind of meat and it's serve with the most delicious Black Current Mustard, I bet I can finish a whole loft of bread just with that =P But the meat itself is really nothing special, my fav is still Black Hoof's.

Another shared dish, Polenta, a soft & creamy slow cook sugo which is different every day and for that day it was w/ tomato sauce and meat balls served with some chili flakes. The polenta came on a board and another server came out w/ the sauce and meat ball in a pot and pour it on top before asking us if we need any cheese.

Pork Belly w/ extra crispy/cruchy skin on topand it was serve w/ Bak Choy. You could taste the Chinese influence all over this dish.

Braised Lamb w/ risotto... it definitely taste better than it looks

Although we were both full, we have to get this warm gooey goodness...  Toffee Pudding

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  1. I got the same coupon but haven't been yet :( ur post again reminds me that I should go soon! ^_^

  2. Go I like it but no need to order the Charcuterie Board, not that good..... I also wanted to try the Hot Balls since I've seen quite a few ppl ordering it, maybe you can try that and let me know.... heehee =P

  3. Yeah seriously charcuterie anywhere is just not as good as Black Hoof @_@ I think I will use the coupon for a special occasion =)