Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fred's Not Here (Summerlicious #2) - NO GOOD

I decided to go to Summerlicious at Fred's Not Here since I had their prix fixe a year or so ago and it was pretty decent for it's price... who can say no to lobster bisque and steaks =P Let's just said we didn't enjoy our dinner, so this post will be brief since both food and service was lacking =(

Baked Lobster & Crab Soup
We both had this and it was a spicy lobster soup, don't get me wrong but I ♥ my spicy food but the spiciness just took over all other flavor and I could barely taste any lobster or crab flavor. And I think it would be better if they mention that it was spicy on the menu since I know a lot of people wouldn't be able to handle it.

I clearly remember the one I had before wasn't spicy and was a lot more delicious and I found proof.
Compare the 2 pictures below: #1 Now vs #2 Before

 Even the pastry looks totally different, it was was thinner this time and a bit under cook and not was golden crispy fluffy buttery as the first time. Just see for yourself  =(


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday ♥ !!!

Just want to wish my bf, Ben a HAPPY BIRTHDAY here since he have sacrificed a lot of his time for his music and endure all my request /complain about my outfit picture and spend so much time and not to mention money exploring all the good eats with me =D I'm so bless to have him on my side.

Please support him by visiting his facebook fanpage here and this video

I Love You  !!! Happy Birthday !!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kensington Market

 After sausages/beer here and ice cream here, we headed down to Queen Street for some shopping then decided to head to Kensington Market to see if I would make some Vintage Find. And we pass by Chinatown and can't resist to grab a fresh cold sugarcane juice =P So refreshing, So good !!!

These Vintage Cowboy boots just look so pretty but I can never get myself to wear second hand shoes. my limit is bags and jeweleries (>_<)


I have been wanting to try out WVRST since it first open, it was inspired by the beer halls of Munich and it focuses on sausage, fries, beer and nothing else. Customer have to line up and ordered at the counter where the open kitchen is, a number is given, take a seat and wait for the food to be served. I know they are trying to keep it casual but it felt a bit contrive to stand in line in that space and the food bought to you afterward. I would say either self serve or regular wait service would be better =P

♥ rows upon rows of dangling expose light bulbs

 Love the different old bar stool, just so so much more character (^_^)

♥ this simple line of taps... BEER !!!

This wasn't that good, we ordered it mainly because of the name =P

The menu is simple with sausages served either currywvrst style or on a roll (choice of 2 toppings), regular or duck fat fries
Yup, the 2 of us had 2 roll style, 1 currywvrst style and a small duck fat fries + 2 beer

 Merguez (Lamb) Sausage on a Roll w/ Sauerkraut & caramelize onions
 This is so flavorful with very fatty juicy lamb flavor and a slight piquant taste and not to mention it served on a fresh crispy yummy roll (yes, I ♥ bread)

 Duck (Foie Gras/Maple) Sausage on a roll w/ caramelized onions & sauteed jalapenos
 At the mention of foie gras, I just have to try this. Not only I love foie gras, I tend to love my duck dishes you may have notice already form here, here, here, here, here, here, here and more =P
 This duck sausage was a lot soften in texture and not as strong flavor as the lamb which make it a totally different experience. It was so soft, moist and easy to eat and the sweet caramelized onions and spicy jalapenos complimented it surprisingly well ♥♥♥ nomnomnom

Kranjuska (Pork/Marjoram) Sausage Currywvrst Style 
Currywvrst is basically slices sausage served with country bread and tomato curry sauce.
This was my least favorite sausage but still pretty tasty and I like the roll style better than the currywvrst style. First I find that it looses a lot of it juices since it's sliced up (yummy cutting board), secondly I find the sauce a bit too strong so I couldn't really taste the sausage flavor in it's entirety and thirdly I really like the roll better than the country bread =P

Small Duck Fat Fries w/ WVRST dipping sauce
I know it looks not that great but it was super good, thick and buttery with duck fat. After our first bite we immediately regretted of not ordering the large size with 2 dipping sauce since we wanted to try the Maple/Rosemary as well but the WVRST which was spicy was totally satisfying as well.
This is my new favorite fries in Toronto (it has been Beer Bistro for years)

Hanging floor planks as ceiling

Verdict :
Will have to go back for more sausages, fries and beer =D
♥ the price, food, drink and decor\
Highly recommended !!!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Electric Tribal

Just ♥ this colorful dress, so simple and light for these hot summer day.
I have no idea what to name this post but as per F21 website, it's called the "Electric Tribal Dress"

Cool Hand Luc

Pass by the newly open Ice Cream shop on King West; Cool Hand Luc. With the background mural of ice cream blob, how could I resist =P Although we were so full after our Lunch, we just had to share at least a small cone (^_^)

 ♥ the pink blob of ice cream vomiting Mike and Ikes

A character for wach flavor. It's just so colorful and fun that you can't help but love it.

After deliberating forever, we end up choosing the Chocolate Peanut Butter and it was perfect. Yummy creamy fun ice-cream !!!

Verdict :
Will definitely go back for other flavor if I'm in the area

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Night It Up !

I thought one Asian food festivals here would be enough for me this year but some of my friends ask me to go together with them and my co-worker actually have a booth there (so support support). Here I am at Night It Up last week which lasted for 2 Nights and lining up all over again. But since we went at night after 7pm, it was much better than last time having to line up in the sun + the super hot stoves all around O_o"

First stop, we found ourselves at Pondcherry Malaysian Foods since we were super hungry and needed something ASAP. They sell Murthabak which is a folded up roti with the curry already inside. They are normally found in most of the street festivals and one of my favorites since they have very consistent quality, freshly made roti and relatively filling compare to the other street fare.

 The dough is stretch by hand and toasted before filling it with the yummy curry, folded and toast for some more...
Each Murthabak is toasted to perfect crispiness

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shopping Cart

Love how the shopping carts are in such a fashionable neon color =D 
This neon yellow-green color is found everywhere this summer, from small friendship bracelets to full on mini to maxi but I just haven't been able to find an affordable piece that I like yet (I need affordable since I bet I won't be able to re-wear it next year)....  so the shopping cart as my background will have to do for now =P

This is one of my typical work outfits, full skirt plus a simple top.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Got a Groupon for Oro early on to use when Dad comes over since I've heard that they have pretty good fish dishes and my dad loves fish =D We went about a month
ago, the first week he was here and it was a good start to his food adventure here. I was surprised that it was actually next to one of my favorite pub, Queen and Beaver from here and have never noticed this place before. As I enter the place, I was surprise at how packed it was but was skeptical since they had a rather dated decor =P

Fresh yummy flavorful Bread

Monday, July 18, 2011

Montreal & Quebec Tour - Day 3

Day 3 which is the last day of our 3 day tour was pretty much spend in the car back to Toronto and we only stop for Lunch and Thousand Island. It's relatively boring compare to day 1 and day 2.

If you have never been on a Bus Tour before, let me warn you that most of the time you'll be having your meal at out of town locations and they will recommend you join them at their destinated restaurant for lunch/dinner which is normally a Chinese Buffet with horrible quality of food. And that's what happened to us and they went to those type of buffet 3 times in 3 days.... we only join them for the first night for dinner, then the 2 lunch that follow we only ate nearby. For our last day, we just went next door for Egg Crepes instead of fast food that was also readily available around.

The food was not that great but at least there was all you can drink coffee 
(huge carafe for each table)