Friday, July 22, 2011

Night It Up !

I thought one Asian food festivals here would be enough for me this year but some of my friends ask me to go together with them and my co-worker actually have a booth there (so support support). Here I am at Night It Up last week which lasted for 2 Nights and lining up all over again. But since we went at night after 7pm, it was much better than last time having to line up in the sun + the super hot stoves all around O_o"

First stop, we found ourselves at Pondcherry Malaysian Foods since we were super hungry and needed something ASAP. They sell Murthabak which is a folded up roti with the curry already inside. They are normally found in most of the street festivals and one of my favorites since they have very consistent quality, freshly made roti and relatively filling compare to the other street fare.

 The dough is stretch by hand and toasted before filling it with the yummy curry, folded and toast for some more...
Each Murthabak is toasted to perfect crispiness

 Your choice of coconut sauce or tomato sauce to top it off.

Street Style Rice Roll 街邊腸粉
Didn't try this since it looks really thick and store bought unlike the one here

Devil's Bomb
Here's my co-worker/friends' booth and they have been keeping it a secret as to what's so special about it.... I originally though that it would be something spicy..... but it was just beef or fish balls fried in a slightly colorful batter, frankly nothing special. The fish ball which my friend bought was better than the beef ball since it was a rather bad quality beef balls which is not meaty enough and rather mushy (I know, have to keep the cost down); I would have much prefer to have "beef tendon" balls instead which is a big tougher in texture which would go better with the crispy batter. The color was great but lacking in flavor, they should have done some variation of spiciness to choose from. 
Doesn't live up  to it's name (>_<)"

at least look better than curry beef/fish balls

Taiwanese Shaved Ice
Remember how I ♥ it at Taste of Asia here, I went back for more

 Cute ice shaving machines (^_^)
Wish there was more flavor, next time I go back to Hong-Kong, for sure I'll have to try out all the other flavor.

 Bought one Mango and one Strawberry to share with my friends at $4/ea. The mango was as delicious as last time but the Strawberry have a really fake flavor to it, sort of cough syrup tasting >_<
Guess what, all of us went back for a refill for $3 before leaving =P

♥ the little bubbles on top which is super refreshing with juices squeezing out when you bite into it 

Balian BBQ Squid
Remember me taking a picture of the same vendor last time but didn`t try it... I did this time, the sauce was tasty but it`s really tough to bite into and not helping with the tentacles swinging back and forth (be careful if not you may need your tide-to-go)

Hong Bai Nian
This is probably one of the vendors that most people missed but they are serving up spicy food which I ♥ and they serve all kind of spicy goodness. Bought a pack of their homemade extra spicy pickled radishes, it was really homemade since it`s sold in a zip-lock bag =P

 Cold noodle with peanut sauce + chili oil, simple at it`s best.
I`m craving for one right now...nom nom nom
Is this actually a restaurant, if anyone know where it is please let me know.... I want more of their spicy goodness (?_?)

Pig-Out Harbour
This was sooooooo good... fatty pork belly in s bun Taiwanese style

 It was the name that first attracted me, then the pink sexy uniforms girls who were super nice and especially flirty with the guys

Red Braised Pork Belly
 This was sooooooo good... fatty pork belly in s bun Taiwanese style with mustard greens and sugar/peanut sprinkle on top, the combination of the sour form the mustard greens to the sweet topping and savory pork is an explosion in your mouth pair perfectly with a slightly sweet steam bun.

Taiwanese Style Jelly, honey eggs and skewers

Barcode Cafe and Lounge
I use to go to their Sheppard and Kennedy location all the time for cheap eats and beer but they have move to another location for a few years now and I've never been since. ♥ their cheap skewers.

After lining up when it was our turn, ti was sold out and have to wait for another batch to cook which too at least another 15-20 minutes wait. But it was all worth it, moist juicy fatty yummy lamb skewers

 Bing Tang Hu lu  葫蘆
This is a very popular street food in China and I remember eating this every single time I see it when I went to Beijing as a child =P It's basically sugar coated cranberries.... this one was kept it the cooler way too long and therefore was cold instead of it's normal room temperature treats.

Chirpy Egg Puff 雞蛋仔
There was 3 flavor available : the original, peanut and coffee. Btw, ♥ their signs.

We originally wanted the Peanut flavor but it was sold out and they need to make a new batch which will take 10-15 minutes.... so we switch to Coffee instead, it looks burn but it's actually the coffee... very flavorful, fresh, crispy outside and relatively moist inside. Too bad they don't have taro flavor which is very popular in Hong-Kong right now.

Takoyaki, looks good but too long a line up

Stinky Tofu
This was the Hong Kong style stinky tofu (a lot of the others are Taiwanese style)

 Look at the huge metal box fryer

 This was the Hong Kong style stinky tofu (a lot of the others are Taiwanese style) which is generally bigger with fluffier inside and eat with extra sweet and chili sauce on top =P

Of course have to drop by my favorite vendor of all time for some Oysters (^_^)
Need to go to the store and have a Oyster fest real soon.. heehee =P

 One box for each of us =P

$10 for 8 Oysters : nom nom nom =P

Saw that and was super interested until I realize that the bacon was only sprinkled on top and not actually in the ice cream... cute sign thou(^_^)

Before leaving, my girlfriend just had to had some of the old school curry beef balls =D  According to her, she have been craving for some since her favorite fish/beef ball place at Pacific have been close (no food shop allow on the ground floor anymore). 
These are still lacking, really can't compare to that one store =(

Full & Satisfied me (^_^)

 As if we haven't eaten enough, the 6 of us cross the street to grab more drinks and nachos at a pub =P

Verdict :
Extra fun night spend with good friends, great weather and good eats
Better than I've expected =P


  1. WOW!!! so that is wat i missed

    i only made it to the parkin lot then left cause got into a bit of an argument wit another asian chick lol anyways got irritated so left

    cant believe u wur able to try out so much food the place was insane

    so much stuff here i wud have luv to try;(

  2. Looked like you had a great time! Like Karen I totally missed out because I just cannot do crowds...I turn into a mean and frustrated Stella that nobody wants to deal with LOL! I can't believe that the bacon loves ice cream thing is only bacon bits sprinkled on top of ice cream tho...what a ripoff!

  3. Stella, same here... since I have to go to support my coworkers,I have to go and I find going with a bunch of friends a lot better since we could chat away while waiting in line =D

    btw, didn't really eat that much but I went there on the first day at around 7pm and it wasn't as pack as in there's still enough space to walk through but within an hour it turn got really pack =(

  4. Hey Thanks for coming! Sorry we didn't have the peanut flavor for you, but I'm glad that you enjoy our Coffee egg puffs!