Monday, July 25, 2011


I have been wanting to try out WVRST since it first open, it was inspired by the beer halls of Munich and it focuses on sausage, fries, beer and nothing else. Customer have to line up and ordered at the counter where the open kitchen is, a number is given, take a seat and wait for the food to be served. I know they are trying to keep it casual but it felt a bit contrive to stand in line in that space and the food bought to you afterward. I would say either self serve or regular wait service would be better =P

♥ rows upon rows of dangling expose light bulbs

 Love the different old bar stool, just so so much more character (^_^)

♥ this simple line of taps... BEER !!!

This wasn't that good, we ordered it mainly because of the name =P

The menu is simple with sausages served either currywvrst style or on a roll (choice of 2 toppings), regular or duck fat fries
Yup, the 2 of us had 2 roll style, 1 currywvrst style and a small duck fat fries + 2 beer

 Merguez (Lamb) Sausage on a Roll w/ Sauerkraut & caramelize onions
 This is so flavorful with very fatty juicy lamb flavor and a slight piquant taste and not to mention it served on a fresh crispy yummy roll (yes, I ♥ bread)

 Duck (Foie Gras/Maple) Sausage on a roll w/ caramelized onions & sauteed jalapenos
 At the mention of foie gras, I just have to try this. Not only I love foie gras, I tend to love my duck dishes you may have notice already form here, here, here, here, here, here, here and more =P
 This duck sausage was a lot soften in texture and not as strong flavor as the lamb which make it a totally different experience. It was so soft, moist and easy to eat and the sweet caramelized onions and spicy jalapenos complimented it surprisingly well ♥♥♥ nomnomnom

Kranjuska (Pork/Marjoram) Sausage Currywvrst Style 
Currywvrst is basically slices sausage served with country bread and tomato curry sauce.
This was my least favorite sausage but still pretty tasty and I like the roll style better than the currywvrst style. First I find that it looses a lot of it juices since it's sliced up (yummy cutting board), secondly I find the sauce a bit too strong so I couldn't really taste the sausage flavor in it's entirety and thirdly I really like the roll better than the country bread =P

Small Duck Fat Fries w/ WVRST dipping sauce
I know it looks not that great but it was super good, thick and buttery with duck fat. After our first bite we immediately regretted of not ordering the large size with 2 dipping sauce since we wanted to try the Maple/Rosemary as well but the WVRST which was spicy was totally satisfying as well.
This is my new favorite fries in Toronto (it has been Beer Bistro for years)

Hanging floor planks as ceiling

Verdict :
Will have to go back for more sausages, fries and beer =D
♥ the price, food, drink and decor\
Highly recommended !!!

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  1. I'm so happy that you enjoyed Wvrst :) I prefer as well if they just did the full serve thing~ Duck sausage rocks!

  2. Everything looks so good. I love your blog! How do you stay so svelte eating all this delicious food?

  3. when i went it was closed didnt know they closed a sun:(

    have to find a day to return those duck fries look yummy and im droolin over the foie gras sausage om nom nom

  4. @Food Junkie: heehee, I guess what you like I'm sure to like since we always like the same things =P

    @The FCC Fairy: LOL, you are joking right ?!? I am oversize for Chinese standard

    @EatHereNext: you should make another trip =D a must try

  5. My husband's been a few times and loved it. I haven't had a chance to go yet.

  6. @Teena: You have to go.. it's soooooo good =D