Monday, October 24, 2011

Relaxed Ballerinas

Relaxed Ballerinas, that my idea of what a ballerina would wear on their day off... heh even a ballerina can't wear bodysuit everyday, right?!?

This is my new more tone down version of ♥ hearts tights compare to the one I wore here with the same skirt

Simple Bistro

This time Ben made reservation to Simple Bistro through Dining Date Night where I blog about here, basically make a reservation through their website, pay $10 and get 30% off entire meal including alcohol. Last time at Union here, we saved quite a bit but this time around, last minutes a friends ask us out for drink after dinner... so we end up not opening our usual bottle of wine and I order a glass instead and Ben decided to skip (>_<)

Simple Bistro have a fairly simple short seasonal menu, with appetizer, main and dessert.

Escargot w/ bacon & Mushroom
This was really delicious but the escargot itself was a bit small and extremely soft in texture.
The cheese creamy sauce was so good that you would find yourself cleaning the plate with bread =P

Foie Gras Parfait
This was quite creamy yet still a bit chunky which I like but I find the top layer (white / fat) rather hard and difficult to cut and spread on the extremely crunchy crisp that it`s served with. The crisp was rather dry, want-to-cut-your mouth-dry and I would have much prefer some toast instead.

Is it Christmas yet??

Is it Christmas yet? 
Will Santa hear me? I have been a good girl and this is definitely on my wish list =P
Love love love this Lita Spiked Jeffrey Campbell
This will be a great addition to my spiky collection here and here

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Toronto Underground Market (TUM)

The Toronto Underground Market (TUM) is a social food market for the city to sample the food of Toronto home cooks and budding food entrepreneurs. It is a venue to showcase their products and these vendors are not necessarily chefs. Here we can savor the amazing, delicious, professional quality food usually made in home kitchens.

This coming Saturday Oct 22nd, the 2nd TUM events will take place and I though it'll be a good time for me to share with you my 1st experience (^_^) Unlike the 1st event which was sold out weeks ahead, this time around there'll be limited tickets available for sale at the door. 
So hope to see you all there.

♥ how they had white table cloth, candles and flowers bar table all around the place (^_^)
 You probably know by now how much I love Evergreen Brickwork....  Love the old bricks background with the sort of cute romantic white tables and the huge space in contrast to the tiny tables that people crouch around w/ tiny plates.. So cute!!!

You saw me raving about La Carnita back here at Food Truck Eats and from their tweeter feeds I know where they were going to be when we were lining up to get in =P
So without even stopping to look at the other vendors, we just rush over for some tacos before the line get way too long.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Probably the last post w/ bare legs until next year =(
This is probably the best outfit to end my Summer, it light yet covered for the chillier evenings.
 And yes, I like fringe... I think fringes are something that men doesn't get and don't know why we like it so much.... Ben never understand why I like it so much, just love it on shoes, bags and clothes =P

Oh and did you notice my mini animal print drawstring bad. Yes another animal print obsession to my collection.... heehee =P

Marben ~ Pig Roast Sunday

This is my second time to Marben after my visit here last year. Have been meaning to go back but so many places to try =P Then I learn from their twitter @MarbenResto that they have a Pig Roast night last Sunday of every month and for $25, you'll get 1.5Lbs of Roast Berkshire Pig from Perth Farm plus 2 sides. It's time to make your reservation for this month's for Sunday Oct 30th since it's rather packed when I went last month and only got reservation for 6:00pm (^_^)

Can you believe it was still warm enough then to wear shorts and sit on the patio... 
but it was packed when we got there so we had to settle to sit inside and guess what, we got the exact same table as our last visit here.
Yes I know I took enough pictures of the decor on my previous post but wanted to play with the new camera (still getting use to it)

He was so kind as to stop with the extremely heavy pan and allow me to take a quick snap =D 
Just look at the thick layers of fat... Drooling (^__,,^)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Green Lemon Grass

I have been coming here for Lunch for many years now and I keep ordering the same 2 items over and over again =P 

Thai Beef Pho
 (Tom Yum Goong rice noodle soup)
This is my all time favorite at Green Lemon Grass and did I mention one of the best hangover cure.
Tom Yum Goong is a Thai style spicy, sweet and sour soup. And I ♥ this one, just add extra bean sprouts and basil to it and it's just heavenly with the perfect balance of flavors and textures.

♦♦♦ Studded x4 ♦♦♦

I bet you guys know I have a shoe obsession by now with my endless shoe post here, here and here. It's going a bit out of hand lately since I running out of space =P

How to you like my latest addition PAX to my Studded family of Sam Edelman on top of the ones from here and here?!? Bought it at the Petite Feet Shoe Sales 2 weeks ago together with another Sam Edelman Ulysa pumps below. Both of them are still available in store at regular price since it's from the new Fall 2011 Collection. Don't let the name of the sale fool you, yes it's mostly sample size 6 shoes but they have plenty of other sizes too as well, although not as much (I'm a size 8 just in case you want to know). It is also a great place for people with size 10 shoe size since a lot of store doesn't carry bigger sizes. There's one coming up in Toronto from Nov 10-13th, see you gurls there ?!? Please do note that they take cash only (^_^)

Monday, October 17, 2011

La Taquizza

Went to Vaughan Mills for a bit of shopping after our farm day here and since we needed to head over to a friend 's place for a mini wine night, we decide to pick a restaurant by the mall. Saw really good reviews for La Taquizza online and it's very authentic so here we go. Not sure what authentic Mexican food would taste like but I'll just comment according to our likings =P
 It was a Saturday night and all the restaurant around seems to be relatively busy but this place was empty.... Eeekkkk, wrong choice?!?

Complimentary Salsa Bar, from mild to extra spicy to choose from.

Welcome to Puck`s Farm

The Thanksgiving long weekend was probably the last bare arm and leg weather that we'll see until next year (^_^) So I just had to made the most of it....
since I wasn't drown up here, I have never been to a farm with all the pumpkins and maze etc and I made Ben take me to one. It wasn't the best choice but we had a lot of fun taking picture and enjoying the sunshine, not to mention surprisingly good food =P

Halloween decor are up everywhere and I'm still tempted to dress up this year. Should I ?!?
(I swear last year would be my last)

Lazy kitten sleeping

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Slow Room

After our brunch here at Mitzi's, we needed out coffee fix and saw The Slow Room just next door.

Love the hog head and blackboard decor, The Slow Room is a very tiny coffee house with minimal menu and a Saturday only porchetta sandwich.... 
not sure if I want to try with Porchetta & Co. so close by (see my post here)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mitzi's on College

After falling in love with Mitzi's Sister here, I swear to visit their other 2 location as well and it's only this past weekend that I finally found time to come to Mitzi's on College for Brunch. I was so glad that they still have their patio open since we got Summer weather this Thanksgiving weekend. Just can't be more thankful (^-^)

Ceasar ~ my fave cocktail and I think I can never get bored of it especially this one which was quite strong and was quite spicy (I ♥ spicy). Just missing a celery stick to complete this =P

 Mill Street Wit ~ I personally don't like "orange" flavor beer but I understand it's light and refreshing for a hot day like this for those who do. Ben had 2 of this =P

Liberty Noodle @ Urban Eatery

I didn't ate this but Ben actually did and thought what he posted on his fb to be rather cute:

"Liberty Noodle-Tonkotsu Pork. Soup = a little too gingery. Noodle = too effing hard.
Pork = surprisingly good with some fat and good texture. Seaweed & pickled veggie = pft.
Overall = FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Oh and this was his 4th time there for lunch, the first 3 times they sold out of noodle... How can a noodle place sold out of noodle by lunch time (>__<)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunny City

Can you believe that I'm in a tank top in October in Toronto Canada, it almost never happen. This is such an amazing Thanksgiving Long Weekend (^v^)

We spend most of Sat and Sunday outside to catch as must ray as possible and what a great day for pictures. I spend my weekend mostly on patios, eating, drinking and also went to a farm for some more pictures taking (more pic coming)

Fisherman Clubhouse Restaurant

I went to Fisherman Clubhouse twice within a month, once with Ben's parent and went back with friends. The place is pretty ghetto with very tacky decor and waitress shouting all across the restaurant but the seafood is fresh and super good "Wok hay" (鑊氣).
 This place is pack everyday of the week, so make sure to make reservation ahead of time.

We order the same 7 course Lobster Dinner Combo for 3 person at $88.99 both times but with 2 additional dishes the 2nd time (crab & fish). The combo price include a 6Lbs lobster but please note that most of their lobster are 1 to 2Lbs heavier and make sure you put the extra $$ per pound into consideration. And when the menu said 3 person, it surely can feed 4-5 person plenty.

The Combo include one lobster cook 4 ways plus soup, veggies and dessert.
That was our lobster at around 7.5 Lbs

1st Course : Tofu, Clams & Bitter Melon Soup 
This is light, fresh and the soup is not bitter at all, a great start to the meal since the flavor will gradually get stronger as we go.

2nd Course: Steam Lobster 
Light and sweet fresh lobster

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Country Girl

Bought this dress almost a year ago but never wore it =P
Finally wore it since this may be the last warm enough weekend to go bare leg I'll be having this year.
I went to Lunch around St Lawrance Market (posted here) and then Toronto Underground Market event at Evergreen Brickwork after (post will be coming up).

This outfit almost felt like a costume to me, like a country girl and I just had to resist myself from pairing it with cowboy boots =P 

High Tea @ Hilton (Markham)

Went to Markham's Hilton for High Tea a few weeks ago with a girlfriend to catch up, we needed a place uptown near home since the highway was close that week so we wanted to avoid the trouble to head downtown. I've heard about their $15pp afternoon tea buffet available on Saturday and Sunday from 3 to 5pm for a while but wasn't sure if it was good. Let's just say nothing was outstanding but for only $15pp, I can't ask for much more.  I have been meaning to try more High Tea places since my post here but since I like to think of it as a girl thing, I haven't have the opportunity to organize an girl day date yet.

There's no fancy list of tea to choose from, only had unlimited refills of coffee and some Starbucks Tazo teabags to choose from.

This wasn't creme brulée at all, it was some sort of raisin pudding that was extremely thick and sweet.

 This was my fave, it was some sort of moose that I loved but they don't really refill their buffet, so when I went back for 2nd, it was all gone.