Thursday, October 20, 2011

Toronto Underground Market (TUM)

The Toronto Underground Market (TUM) is a social food market for the city to sample the food of Toronto home cooks and budding food entrepreneurs. It is a venue to showcase their products and these vendors are not necessarily chefs. Here we can savor the amazing, delicious, professional quality food usually made in home kitchens.

This coming Saturday Oct 22nd, the 2nd TUM events will take place and I though it'll be a good time for me to share with you my 1st experience (^_^) Unlike the 1st event which was sold out weeks ahead, this time around there'll be limited tickets available for sale at the door. 
So hope to see you all there.

♥ how they had white table cloth, candles and flowers bar table all around the place (^_^)
 You probably know by now how much I love Evergreen Brickwork....  Love the old bricks background with the sort of cute romantic white tables and the huge space in contrast to the tiny tables that people crouch around w/ tiny plates.. So cute!!!

You saw me raving about La Carnita back here at Food Truck Eats and from their tweeter feeds I know where they were going to be when we were lining up to get in =P
So without even stopping to look at the other vendors, we just rush over for some tacos before the line get way too long.

1 Artwork + 1 Taco

But for a foodie like myself, forget about the art not that it's not cute) and just look at the tacos, it
's just like a colorful are in itself. And it tasted as good as it looks. So good that by the time we wanted to go back for seconds, the line was so long that we just had to give up.

Tried their Watermelon Basil Lemonade and it was so refreshingly good not to mention super cute in the big jars and the cute red & white straw

Their Pork Belly was probably my fave dish of the night, crispy skin and equal thickness of fat and meat and look at all the toppings to choose from, ti's just so pretty.
And they also gives out free coffee for sampling which was super delicious and the beans are available for sale.

 Comida de Pueblo
Jalapeno Cornbread Grilled Cheese.... Awwwww (drooling à la Homer Simpson)
Crumbly soft moist corn bread with jalapeno together with the melted cheese was just heavenly.

Popover Girl (@PopoverGirl)
We had the bacon and I  though that there'll be bacon flavor or bits throughout but it was just bits on top. It was heated up rather rush so it wasn't warm/hot enough.... and also tasted rather dry =P

Goat Cheese Clafouti w/ black mission figs, toasted walnut and thyme honey
~ this was served cold but I would love it better if it warm or room temperature since the figs flavor and texture would have been a lot better... 

Chantilly Grey Tahitian Creme Brulee w/ Lavender sugar cookies
He must be tired, haven't seen him stop the whole night.
This was the perfect consistency and even the cookies was so delish.

There was only one wine vendors and I tried their White and didn't really like it, so we decided to switch to beer instead... Love Flying Monkey, one of my favorite local Ontario (Barrie) brewery.

Chilled tomato soup, nothing could taste better than fresh tomatoes... need not much except maybe a few basil on top =P

Looks so pretty so I couldn't resist and bought a 6 packs as we are leaving.... but I forgot to eat it the next day and it sat for another day. I'm not sure if I shouldn't have waited that long to eat it or what but it got extremely crumbly that I couldn't even take it out of the bag without it getting into pieces.
(never happen to the other Macarons I bought before)

Smokes Salmon Cream Cheese Ice Cream w/ lemon zest in between 2 lemon dill cookies
Just had to try this when we saw that just when we were about to leave.
The salmon and the cream cheese ice cream works quite well together but not a big fan of the cookies and it was way too thin for the big cold scoop of ice cream, the texture didn't really go all that well with the ice cream not to mention that it start to fall apart as soon as you take a bite =P

Verdict :
Love to taste the food of all these hidden chefs =D
Ticket are only at $5 + $2 service charge in such an awesome venue
Great way to spend a Sat night with all the foodies
See you all this Saturday (^_^)


  1. Hey girl, great post! Love how you post it right before the second TUM coming up this weekend :) I can TOTALLY see the change in picture quality with your new camera....way to go, Vickie! =D

  2. looks like you tried almost everything! :D awesome photos!

  3. This looks like so much food! and it all looks soooo good..

  4. Mary : Thanks for the visiting my blog, yes it's definitely a lot of food =D So you are from HK, definetly will follow your post next time I come back for vacation =D