Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Marben ~ Pig Roast Sunday

This is my second time to Marben after my visit here last year. Have been meaning to go back but so many places to try =P Then I learn from their twitter @MarbenResto that they have a Pig Roast night last Sunday of every month and for $25, you'll get 1.5Lbs of Roast Berkshire Pig from Perth Farm plus 2 sides. It's time to make your reservation for this month's for Sunday Oct 30th since it's rather packed when I went last month and only got reservation for 6:00pm (^_^)

Can you believe it was still warm enough then to wear shorts and sit on the patio... 
but it was packed when we got there so we had to settle to sit inside and guess what, we got the exact same table as our last visit here.
Yes I know I took enough pictures of the decor on my previous post but wanted to play with the new camera (still getting use to it)

He was so kind as to stop with the extremely heavy pan and allow me to take a quick snap =D 
Just look at the thick layers of fat... Drooling (^__,,^)

Warm yummy bread and dip (^_^)

 We had a really late lunch and coffee right before sinner here at 6pm... so we were still a bit full so instead of a bottle of wine, I just had a glass of red and Ben his beer. Have you try Duggan's Number 9 IPA ? It's one of the best local beer from Toronto =D

1.5Lbs of Berkshire Pig from Perth Farm
w/ sides of Braised Kale & Fired Roasted Corn

It was so soft and moist.... so very flavourful with just the right amount of fatty goodness

It was rather large portion of sides =D
 Braised Kale ~ Yukon gold potatoes & pork dripping. OMG, pork drippings, do I need to say more
Fire Roasted Corn ~ smoked summer sausage & sage. This was extremely sweet and still a bit crunchy, not overcooked and although the sausage was quite spicy, it gave the corn so much flavor

I realize there wasn't any skin to be found so I ask if they don't like to serve the skin (cause sometimes it can be tough when not roasted right) =P But she told me that there should be some on each plate, so she bought me a few pieces to try =D It was so crispy yet flavorful, still with a thin layer of fat =D

John's Burger 
~ branston pickle, braised ribs, aged cheddar, coleslaw
I have heard so much raves about their burger that I just have to try it his time around. 
Ok first of all, I wish they didn't cut it into 4 (>_<), I know it's a tapas style menu meant to share but it would be so much prettier and impressive with the thick juicy patty =P  
Taste wise.... humm, it was great, just look at the color, a bit under medium rare (♥ seeing red on my beef ) with all the juices glistening waiting to be squeezed out and love how the meat was not patted down/packed tight, just look at the layer of beef here.
I ♥ Marben's Burger!!!!

w/ a side of Sage & Browned Butter Gnocchi w/ Brussels Sprouts
Had their gnocchi last time and love it so much that I was so glad they had a gnocchi side =D
Love the different texture here, the fluffy pillowy gnocchi, the soft leafy Brussels Sprouts and the crispy fried onions on top.

Ok, we are so full after our late lunch and early dinner that we had to skip dessert although I was so craving for their Apple Bread Pudding that I had last time =(

Verdict :
I will definitely come back again and again... maybe try their Brunch next time

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  1. I'm so glad you like their burger! I love it too! And like you I wish they don't cut it in four but *sigh* what can you do. This pig roast dinner thing looks amazing and man that's a lot of food! I must go try :)

  2. Wow! That looks absolutely amazing!

  3. i'm trying to use subliminal messaging to convince my friends to come here for dinner ASAP. haha :D looks amazing! great post!

  4. White List : Thanks for the follow on twitter =D And yes, both the decor and food are amazing

    Carmen : LOL =D Have you been? it not, you should and they are on Dinning Date Night now (30% off)

  5. I first came to Marben in the summer and loved it. Ever since I've been meaning to come back for their pig roast. It looks so good... and I'm glad you liked the burger! It's one of my favourites in the city. Too bad they cut it in 4 though... last time I was here they only cut it in half.

  6. Next time I'm there, I'll ask for my Burger whole =P