Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome to Puck`s Farm

The Thanksgiving long weekend was probably the last bare arm and leg weather that we'll see until next year (^_^) So I just had to made the most of it....
since I wasn't drown up here, I have never been to a farm with all the pumpkins and maze etc and I made Ben take me to one. It wasn't the best choice but we had a lot of fun taking picture and enjoying the sunshine, not to mention surprisingly good food =P

Halloween decor are up everywhere and I'm still tempted to dress up this year. Should I ?!?
(I swear last year would be my last)

Lazy kitten sleeping

This was such a surprise, we were hungry since didn't ate anything.... so we decided this had to do but it was GOOD. The fresh cut fries was very good and tasted really good even without ketchup =P That's what a difference freshness make.... even the burger was very good, charred on the outside and medium rare inside, a lot better than most of the burger in Toronto that can cost around $8 to $10 each.

Pumpkin free to grab ^v^

It wasn't a maze at all, just round shape (>__<)

Pass by a Farmer's Market on our way back, fall color are just amazing... everything looks so pretty


  1. When I see all those animals, all I can think about is "Foooood!!" Haha. Those fries look so delicious!

  2. fun pics. was the maze really more than amazing?? hehe

  3. @Amy : wahahaha... same here, was in the car with 2 firends just yesterday... One said, look cows and the 2nd one said look STEAK =P

    @Mike : the maze was horrible, I think they haven't finish it cause it was only a circle (>_<)

  4. Circle maze hahha!!! :) Looked like u two had fun nonetheless ^^

  5. Yup, it was fun.. have to find a better farm to go to next year =P

  6. ohh! I had friends get married here during the past summer. Wish I could have made it. I love farm animals! update if you find a better farm hehe

  7. My family visited Puck's farm today with a 2 and a 4 year old. The cost for the 4 of them was $40.00. The pony ride was being monitored by teenagers who merely provide some vague direction and, once you get your child on a pony, they kick the ponies to get them moving. The ponies tried to bite the adults and the teens did not offer help. An adult must try to hold the child on the pony's slippery back while holding a rope and leading it around while it tries to bite at them. They are also instructed not to let it eat the hay. One child was so upset she couldn't stop crying. There are rabbits in the barn that are very large and are housed in small guinea pig type cages. They have urine burns on their bodies. Other animals are excessively thin. The carnival rides are rusted and falling apart and unsafe. The entire farm is a disaster. The OSPCA has had numerous complaints about this farm. It should be closed down. My family felt physically ill after visiting this farm.

  8. OMG, that's horrible... didn't know that. As you may have notice from the pictures, we were mostly out in the fields, only pass through the animal stalls real quick since there was a lot of children and rather stinky and obviously we are too old for pony rides... so really didn't notice all the things it mention.

    I guess the lady know that 2 adults wouldn't do much inside... she only charged us $13 for 2 which was acceptable