Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Future Bakery @ St Lawrence Market

Decide to go grab a coffee at St Lawrence Market after Lunch in the area 2 Saturday ago and did you know that there's a Municipal Parking nearby that allow yow to park 2 hours at $1/hour whereas all the parking nearby will cost you at least $10. It's something new since I last came back here and here.

As we were trying to kill some time after crabbing our coffee, we decided to walk around but most vendors were closing up since we were a bit late.... then we notice that a lot of people are munching on Butter tarts, so of course I'll have to crab one =P It was from Future Bakery.

I normally hate Butter Tart since it very sugary, almost like biting into sugar... We decided to share one after a huge lunch and also just in case I don't like it (the bf like butter tarts). We got the Pecan Butter Tart and it was the best one I've tasted and it can't get any better for $0.99/ea... it just also happen to go perfectly with mu Latte =D

Pecan Butter Tart 
Best I've tasted, it have a melty liquid center and it rather caramel-y than butter/sugary.
The crust was very soft, crumbly and shortbread-ish. Love it, a must try =D

Would love to try the Lemon Tart next time

 Got my coffee at Everyday Gourmet

Verdict :
A must tr, will change your opinion of Butter Tart for sure


  1. I love pecan butter tarts but yeah they are rather sweet! I only want them when I see them tho never had a craving for them before. Yours look good!

  2. It's def a must try, so many good eats in St Lawrence Market... more excuse for me to go back more regularly =P