Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Green Lemon Grass

I have been coming here for Lunch for many years now and I keep ordering the same 2 items over and over again =P 

Thai Beef Pho
 (Tom Yum Goong rice noodle soup)
This is my all time favorite at Green Lemon Grass and did I mention one of the best hangover cure.
Tom Yum Goong is a Thai style spicy, sweet and sour soup. And I ♥ this one, just add extra bean sprouts and basil to it and it's just heavenly with the perfect balance of flavors and textures.

Curry Lamb w/ rice
You can also order this with roti, this is one of the most popular dish as well. This is how I like my curry; a lot of sauce, meat cooked to an extreme softness with all the flavor of the curry penetrated in, the potatoes soft and ooyee goyee instead of the pretty looking fried or last minute added potatoes without flavor but kept their pretty shape.

Verdict :
Have been coming here for years and will keep coming back

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  1. Pho is constantly on my mind...night and day. That Thai beef noodle looks AMAZING!

  2. It's a staple for most Torotonians =P
    Pho is so satisfying especially in cold weather like these =D