Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mitzi's on College

After falling in love with Mitzi's Sister here, I swear to visit their other 2 location as well and it's only this past weekend that I finally found time to come to Mitzi's on College for Brunch. I was so glad that they still have their patio open since we got Summer weather this Thanksgiving weekend. Just can't be more thankful (^-^)

Ceasar ~ my fave cocktail and I think I can never get bored of it especially this one which was quite strong and was quite spicy (I ♥ spicy). Just missing a celery stick to complete this =P

 Mill Street Wit ~ I personally don't like "orange" flavor beer but I understand it's light and refreshing for a hot day like this for those who do. Ben had 2 of this =P

Mitzi's Famous Oatmeal Buttermilk Pancake
~ topped with Pumpkin Cheesecake & Maple-toasted pumpkin seeds
This was heavenly, it's was like a big fluffy soft oatmeal cookies =P I can't believe oatmeal can taste any better than this. This is definitely not your regular fluffy and light pancake that we are used to, this was a much denser 1" thick pancake. The pumpkin cheesecake was not only a perfect theme for Thanksgiving /Fall but it was so creamy and smooth with the perfect contrast in texture with the crunchy seeds (^V^)
OMG if you haven't try yet, this is a MUST TRY!!!

Poached Eggs
~ on savory bread pudding with rare roast beef and a horseradish and pepper sauce
The bread pudding with the perfectly cook egg together with the sauce was a perfect harmony of flavors... the only challenge is to get some of each in every bite =P
And did I mention that even their side of home-fries was delish, it had some sort of jerk sauce with onions on it =D

Watermelon Lemonade 
~ it was so hot that I need another drink, this was alcohol free but very refreshing

Verdict :
I need to go back for those pancakes very soon, I'm drooling just thinking about it 
Now I'll have to try Mitzi's Cafe

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  1. Those buttermilk pancakes look awesome! Similar to the time I had brunch at The Belleville, it's nice to try a different take on pancakes sometimes :) I need to go out for brunch more lol

  2. Hmm.. pumpkin cheesecake eh.. that gives me an idea for my left-over pumpkin puree XD Don't know why I never thought of making pumpkin cheesecake.

  3. Saw the pancake at Insomnia are super thick as well, will have to go back to try =P

    Ooooooo cheesecake, love anything cheese =P