Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wonton Chai Noodle

Wonton Chai Noodle have always been my go to Wonton Place since it's cheap, good quality and convenient at New Kennedy Plaza (Kennedy & Hwy 7) where I go regularly.

The biggest Wonton you'll find in Toronto and each one is fill with shrimps and shrimps only (^_^)
My bowl of Wonton Noodle (thin noodle is the best combination)

Ben got the thick rice noodle (ho fun 河粉 = rice pappardelle) with both Wonton and Dumplings

What's a bowl of Wonton Noodle without a huge amount of Chinese red vinegar and yummy homemade chilli oil =D
I prefer to order the egg noodle instead of the thick rice noodle since I think it goes better with Vinegar and also a better contrast to the wonton skin whereas the ho fun 河粉 is too similar in texture and doesn't really go with the red vinegar.

 a side of Veggies

Verdict :
Cheap Good Eats

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