Monday, October 24, 2011

Simple Bistro

This time Ben made reservation to Simple Bistro through Dining Date Night where I blog about here, basically make a reservation through their website, pay $10 and get 30% off entire meal including alcohol. Last time at Union here, we saved quite a bit but this time around, last minutes a friends ask us out for drink after dinner... so we end up not opening our usual bottle of wine and I order a glass instead and Ben decided to skip (>_<)

Simple Bistro have a fairly simple short seasonal menu, with appetizer, main and dessert.

Escargot w/ bacon & Mushroom
This was really delicious but the escargot itself was a bit small and extremely soft in texture.
The cheese creamy sauce was so good that you would find yourself cleaning the plate with bread =P

Foie Gras Parfait
This was quite creamy yet still a bit chunky which I like but I find the top layer (white / fat) rather hard and difficult to cut and spread on the extremely crunchy crisp that it`s served with. The crisp was rather dry, want-to-cut-your mouth-dry and I would have much prefer some toast instead.

Trio of Lamb
~ roasted Ontario Lamb saddle and shoulder, Merguez sausage served with lentils du puy, roasted baby carrots and rapini with a roasted garlic lamb jus
This was delicious, love the huge cloves of roasted garlic and the rapini is one of the freshest ones I have had. My least favorite was the sausage since it's a bit too salty for my taste.

 Look at the pink color and the layer of skin and fat.. isn't that pretty (^v^)

Cornish Hen
~ w/ creamed leek, pommes Anna, cherry tomato confit and squash with hen jus.
It looks rather dry and bland but it tasted rather moist and juicy.... I like everything here except the sauce which was rather salty with the soy sauce taste too distinct although I like the use of the leek which goes well of the sauce. The pommes Anna was especially delish and pretty with all the layers it's just such a joy to cut into it.

Lemon Tart
It was ok nothing special but I would have expected a bigger slice... this thin slice just look sad

Apple Napoleon
~ Layers of caramelized apple, cinnamon mousseline and pine nut phyllo served with butterscotch
This was pretty looking and it was so crispy that you can cut right through with your fork but not so that it breads into a million pieces.

We didn't save as much this time with the Dining Date Night 30% off since we didn't have our usual bottle of wine. But still I pay $10 for it and save $27 which mean I still save $17 just by simply clicking a few button online, I got the discount and made the reservation at the same time and not even a printout/ receipts is needed

Verdict :
Very affordable French Bistro Fare
Small cozy, friendly atmosphere and they even have a Bar/Party room upstairs.

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  1. I'm going this Sunday! My friend is a sous chef there =D Great timing with the post now I know what to get ^_^

  2. I love lamb and that roast lamb looks delicious! It's funny that you say the sausage was your least favourite. I've had many trio dishes which come with a sausage and I find that most of the time, it's not all that great... I just tried Dining Date Night last week for the first time. What a great website!

  3. Stella : How did you like it??

    Jess: Yup... and yeah that 30% thing is pretty awesome =D