Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wine Color

We went on another of our Belleville and NOTL winery tour/trip end of October... can't be more perfect, sipping wine with my new burgundy (aka wine color) tight with my new LBD.

I always have problems finding ways to wear my color tight so I tend to pair it with black most of the time... for any other color outfit, I will stick with my black tights. Did I mention that I have a tight problem?!? I have way too much of it and I tend to keep buying more =P

Outfit Details :
Sweater, Dress & Necklace - H&M; Tights - Joe Fresh; Boot - UO;
Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs (from Holt Renfrew

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Skin + Bones

Skin + Bones (@skinandbonesto) is another great addition to the already great Leslieville's dinning scene. From Daniel Clarke and Harry Wareham, alum of Pizza Libretto and Enoteca Sociale together with Chef Matthew Sullivan (@GastroMatthew) formerly Malena, L'Unita & Boxed; I can expect but great things and I was definitely not disappointed.

Love the long bar seating extending all the way to the back, I just love how the fridge light shine through below and with the expose brick wall and minimalist look, it was definitely my type of restaurant but was a lot more spacious than usual (no bumping into your neighbor).... ♥ it here

 It was a much larger space than I expected, seeing the big table by the kitchen I can't help but regretted of not having my Birthday here since I have been looking everywhere for a restaurant that I like which can accommodate the 16 of us

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yakitori Bar

Have been seeing quite a few tweets about How to Open a Restaurant in 30 days where Sang Kim (@koreanjohnsmith) blog about how he sets out on his quest to open the doors of Yakitori Bar (@YakitoriToronto) , the sit-down eatery and Seoul Food, the fast food take out area in 30 days.

It sounded like an unimaginable feat but Sang Kim Succeeded and opened Yakitori Bar on 
December 1st and officially open Seoul Food Co. Toronto's first build your own bimbimbap joint today Dec18th. I finally made my way there last Friday and was greeted by the owner Sang Kim himself who took the time to chat with us about the concept and inspiration behind the restaurant (he actually ask me if I was Korean). With Sushi making classes already available, it sounds like he's got some really great things lined up like having Korean grandmothers come in to showcase their kimchi and sake tasting.

We arrived at around 8:30pm and there wasn't any wait but within half an hour the place just fill up.

Gangham Style Cocktail $7.96
~ Soju, Korean Yogurt & Orange Fizantte 
I was really disappointed in this once since I can barely taste the soju and didn't really have any orange flavor... in fact it tasted just like what I throw together at home all the time :(

(also available for $17.69 a pitcher)

Their drink menu wasn't very extensive, wish there was more soju or sake to choose from or maybe some Korean rice wine (Makkoli)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Café Boulud

Ben bought me to newly open Café Boulud (@CafeBouludTO) at the Four Season for my Birthday dinner after my not so subtle hint (^_^) This is the 14th restaurant in Chef Daniel Boulud's name and the third of that name (the other ones are in New York & Palm Beach) and the Chef de cuisine here is Tyler Shedden (@tylershedden) .

It was around 7:00pm Saturday and the place was pack, so I didn't go around to take more picture of the place since I wanted to enjoy my dinner with Ben :)

Love the salt on the butter, small touches like these make the difference.

 Crispy Duck Egg $16
~ fricassee of wild mushrooms, duck confit, salsify and celery root
 This was probably the dish that stood out the most for me, with the perfectly cook egg runny sweet egg and crispy shell was perfect when mix with the earthy mushroom and flavorful celery root plus just enough of added texture with the duck confit pieces.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Bakerbots Baking

Going on Twitter and Instagram all the time is probably not a very good idea since I get all sort of cravings looking at other people yummy posts. I saw an Instagram of the ice cream sandwich and I just had to head over the next day to get one =P

Bakerbots Baking (Twitter: @BakerbotsBaking) is located on Delaware Ave just next to Ossington Stastion which is incredibly convenient for those who don't drive.
Just got to love the place as soon as you walk in with all the pretty yummy bake goodies but we have to stay focus here, we are here for the ice cream sandwich and we just have to come back for the rest another time (>_<)


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Au Pied de Cochon (Montreal)

I must be the luckiest girl since I manage to grab a reservation only one and half week prior for 8:00pm at Au Pied de Cochon. which is the most popular restaurant in Montreal.
After our late lunch here and snack here, we still manage to find room for this.... I'll have to say that the dishes was a lot bigger in portion than I have expected, the five of us were more than full after sharing the following dishes.

Found it a bit strange how the bread was served on a brown paper towel which left messy crumbs all over but it was very tasty with a perfectly crisp outer shell and moist yummy interior.

 Cromesquis de Foie Gras $3.50/2pcs
Little bite size of deep fried foie gras goodness arrives and we can't wait to bite into it but our server explains that it has to sit for a minute or two to let it cool down. I would suggest to pop the entire piece in your mouth at once since it will burst open.... this was a tiny piece of heaven with buttery goodness of foie gras with such an intense burst of flavor. I would have prefer a thinner shell / battered exterior but guess that's needed to hold the liquid-y interior.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Santouka Ramen

Santouka Ramen recently opened it's door back on Nov 10th, we went there within the first week and there was a line up already. We waited in line for about 45minutes since the wait staff was rather slow in clearing tables and you can see at least a few tables empty at all time. I was expecting it to be a soft opening with limited menu items but except for a few appetizers, everything was available.

 Their tonkotsu style broth are made by simmering pork bones for two days and is paired with medium sized noodles that come from a factory in California. On top of the roast pork, toppings include fermented bamboo shoots, jelly ear mushrooms, cured surimi and a single pickled plum (chashu, menma, kikurage, kamaboko and ko-umeboshi)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

juliette & chocolat (Montreal)

Juliette & Chocolat (@juliette_choco) was next on my list after our lunch here and it was just right down the street. They have 3 location in Montreal and this is the newest and biggest one; and it's all about chocolate.

Love the warm open decor which was perfect on a rainy day like that day and nothing more comforting than chocolate on a wet cold day.

Way too many choices, wish my stomach and wallet would allow me to try everything =P

Schwartz's (Montreal)

One of my bestie came back from Hong-Kong to visit last month and we decided to head to Montreal for a quick 2 day trip.... and us 3 girls make Ben drove all the way =P

We arrive in time for a late lunch and of course our first stop is to one of the most popular place in Montreal; Schwartz's for some Montreal smoke meat and one of the great thing about this place is that it is as fantastic as every other previous visit. There was a line as usual but we only end up waiting less than 30 minutes and we were welcome by a cloud of vapour from the steaming meat as we sat down.

Friday, November 16, 2012

JaBistro [Japanese]

JaBistro (@JaBistro222) by the same owner as Toronto's Guu location is doing a soft opening this month and being a big fan of Japanese Cuisine, I just have to check it out right away. Chef Koji Tashiro is the head chef of this modern Japanese restaurant and watching him behind the sushi bar is like watching a performance.

By the same designers, the decor here is very similar to Guu.
When calling back for the confirmation of our reservation, they ask if we prefer seats at the sushi bar or at a table... and of course without hesitation, I choose the sushi bar.

JaBistro mainly focuses on Sushi and with only 2 sushi chefs, there's way too many seats which results in a rather long dinner. We weren't complaining since we are really enjoying our sake and watching the sushi making process we heard a few table who did (we were there from 7:30 to 11:30). Not sure what they will do down the road but definitely an issue to be addressed.

I notice that they have an excellent and very thoughtfully design sake list... all the sake from the list, we haven't tried before which is great since most Japanese restaurant in Toronto tends to have the same stuff.

Fukumasamune Traditional Jumai Sake, Ishikawa $60
It was very clean and balanced tasting without overpowering the fresh sashimi/sushi we were having

Chef Koji is just amazing, he fillet a whole fish within seconds, what a show of skill.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Richmond Station

Most of you may already know alreay that I am a huge fan of Top Chef Canada and Season 2 winner Chef Carl Heinrich (@ChefHeinrich) finally open his own restaurant Richmond Station (@richmondstn) which have been in the making for quite a while now. Having met the chef himself before, he did drop by our table a couple time to say hi and ask how everything was (ahem, big crush on cute chef here ♥)

The ceiling was high but the place was very narrow and from the front window looking in, I can't help but feel like I'm in a station. The Top Chef Canada champion have invested his prize money into this 3,000 square foot farm to table restaurant along with celebrity butcher, Ryan Donovan... both formally from Marben. The cuisine here is pretty rustic with a modern touch.

Love the big open kitchen window along the back dining room where you can get glimpse 
of the Top Chef

A big fan of local wines, I'm glad that more than 80% of their wine list are from local wineries ♥
Ordered one of my favorite winery Norman Hardie 's Pinot Gris

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nomé Izakaya

Nome Izakaya is another Izakaya (居 酒屋) that have recently open up and I went there back in September (yes I am that behind on my post) since it was recommended by a friend. Upon entering the place, it was rather empty with all the "clubwear" clad waitress but the good thing was that they are all fluent in English unlike most Japanese restaurant; but at the same time, they weren't very knowledgeable about the menu... then I realise that the Chefs are all Korean and not Japanese *skeptical


Love the Black plates with the wood

On the house, a half shell oyster for each of us as an amuse bouche

Nigori Sake $19

Pickled Fire Fly Squid  $4.30
~ Hotaru Ika No Okizuke: Pickled fire fly squid with soy sauce.
Not sure what this was when we order it but was giving it a try notherless given it's so cheap. It was very salty and fishy tasting and we both didn't really like this dish, oh well at least we tried.