Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nomé Izakaya

Nome Izakaya is another Izakaya (居 酒屋) that have recently open up and I went there back in September (yes I am that behind on my post) since it was recommended by a friend. Upon entering the place, it was rather empty with all the "clubwear" clad waitress but the good thing was that they are all fluent in English unlike most Japanese restaurant; but at the same time, they weren't very knowledgeable about the menu... then I realise that the Chefs are all Korean and not Japanese *skeptical


Love the Black plates with the wood

On the house, a half shell oyster for each of us as an amuse bouche

Nigori Sake $19

Pickled Fire Fly Squid  $4.30
~ Hotaru Ika No Okizuke: Pickled fire fly squid with soy sauce.
Not sure what this was when we order it but was giving it a try notherless given it's so cheap. It was very salty and fishy tasting and we both didn't really like this dish, oh well at least we tried. 

The Mack-Attack $9.80
~ Aburi Shime Saba : Lightly seared makarel w/ ground ginger, green onion & soy sauce
Ben loves loves makarel, so it's a must try everytime we at a Japanese restaurant. The skin here was really well seared and was very crispy while the makarel was not too sour/tart from the marinate.

Deep Fried Pork Belly $5.50
~ Deep Fried marinated pork belly w/ seaweed paste
This was a tad plain looking but the pork belly was melt in your mouth with just a thin layer of batter for a great contrast of texture and just a pop of flavor from the seaweed paste.

Korean Style Beef Sashimi $8.70
~ Thinly Sliced beef sashimi and fresh egg yolk w/ a korean style soy sauce dressing
I love the flavor here especially mixed with the egg yolk and the Korean Pear but hate to say that there was some tendon/vein of the beef which made it chewy at times.

Marinated Black Cod $9.80
~ Gindara No Yuan Yaki : Black Cod marinated w/ citrus soy sauce
This was cook perfectly but I find it too salty which overpowered the cod which had a
 rather mild taste.

Smoked Pork Feet $9.30
~ Braised and smoked homemade pork feet
We both like this dish, love the smoky flavor and the sauce/glazed here but wish it was cook a bit more to a softer texture which will make it not only tastier but also much easier to eat.

Octo-Wasabi $3.50
~ Tako Wasabi : Pickled Octopus w/ chopped wasabi stem
Didn't like the pickled squid we got, so we decided to order this old favorite at the end and it was made just as we like it w/ extra wasabi (was in fact quite spicy)

Takoyaki $4.80
~ Deep Fried octopus ball served w/ tonkatsu sauce & mayo
Ben was somehow craving for this that night and I have no idea why it says deep fried on the menu since Takoyaki is not deep fried... Anyhow, it's probably cheapest takoyaki I had ever had in a restaurant even thou it wasn't anything special.

Verdict :
Service was great but wish the waitresses are more knowledgeable about the menu items.
 Very affordable and conveniently located Uptown 
Wish they had some skewers which are common items at Izakaya

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