Friday, November 16, 2012

JaBistro [Japanese]

JaBistro (@JaBistro222) by the same owner as Toronto's Guu location is doing a soft opening this month and being a big fan of Japanese Cuisine, I just have to check it out right away. Chef Koji Tashiro is the head chef of this modern Japanese restaurant and watching him behind the sushi bar is like watching a performance.

By the same designers, the decor here is very similar to Guu.
When calling back for the confirmation of our reservation, they ask if we prefer seats at the sushi bar or at a table... and of course without hesitation, I choose the sushi bar.

JaBistro mainly focuses on Sushi and with only 2 sushi chefs, there's way too many seats which results in a rather long dinner. We weren't complaining since we are really enjoying our sake and watching the sushi making process we heard a few table who did (we were there from 7:30 to 11:30). Not sure what they will do down the road but definitely an issue to be addressed.

I notice that they have an excellent and very thoughtfully design sake list... all the sake from the list, we haven't tried before which is great since most Japanese restaurant in Toronto tends to have the same stuff.

Fukumasamune Traditional Jumai Sake, Ishikawa $60
It was very clean and balanced tasting without overpowering the fresh sashimi/sushi we were having

Chef Koji is just amazing, he fillet a whole fish within seconds, what a show of skill.

Soft Opening Menu

Sashimi $60
With additional $10 to the $50 or $100 sashimi, we got an lobster
We loved everything here but we sort of regretted of having added the lobster since it was really nothing special.

This deserve a close-up, we both don't like overly fat tuna/toro but this one was just perfect... not too fat not too lean (^_^)

The head of the lobster was used to make a Lobster Miso Soup which was served alter on. It was really delicious and although the miso tends to be salty, the sweetness of the lobster taste still have been able to shine through...... but I wonder where the 2 big claw went??!?

Housemade Soy Sauce  & Premium Soy Sauce
Love their housemade soy sauce which was slightly sweet and not too salty at all (hate too salty soy sauce that cover up all the taste of the sashimi)

We order a order of the aburi $27 (blowtorched 7 pieces) & an order of the kyukyoku $55 (ultimate fresh pieces) which was more like a chef's choice. We should have order 2 order of the kyukyoku instead since it will include some of the aburi as well. But the chef was really nice and probably served us almost 2 of everything. It was such a great experience sitting at the sushi bar where the sushi is made/served one by one. I would definitely come back and just order a sake and a kyukyoku each.

as an amuse bouche

Loved the added touch of the jalapeno on top of this torched oshizushi style salmon sushi. The salmon was perfectly fatty which was so good slightly torched and with the sauce

Since it was a rather long dinner, we finish the entire bottle of sake already and we decided to splurge and order another 10oz of the Watari Bune Junmai Gingo Sake $42 which was very sweet and floral tasting and while it was good, we would prefer to enjoy it at a smaller qty compare to the first.

I don't know how but even the deep fried shrimp head tasted better here, it was so flavorful :)

I am usually not the biggest fan of salmon but this one was just so fresh and the perfect fattiness.
So Good !!! (^_^)

We were the last one to leave and it was so nice for Chef Koji to come out and say goodbye (^_^)
(got the picture from their facebook page here)

Verdict :
Definitely the best Sushi place in Toronto ♥
Great Food, Great Sake and Great Service
Enough said, I want to go back already =P

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  1. I"M DYING TO TRY THIS PLACE! great pictures!

  2. Had dinner here on Saturday evening and our overall experience was completely opposite of yours! Our dinner took 2.5 hours and $140 which still left us hungry and unsatisfied. I just feel like I didn't get the bang for my buck. My go-to sushi restaurant in Scarborough - Zen Japanese Restaurant - satisfies me and more with that amount of money. You should check it out if you haven't already! :) We wondered the same things as you though - where'd our claws go?! LOL.

    1. Really, I would say it's tough to get full for a guy but I hacve to say it's one of the best quality and that's a rather resonable price for that quality... but it's def a treat from time to time :)