Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Schwartz's (Montreal)

One of my bestie came back from Hong-Kong to visit last month and we decided to head to Montreal for a quick 2 day trip.... and us 3 girls make Ben drove all the way =P

We arrive in time for a late lunch and of course our first stop is to one of the most popular place in Montreal; Schwartz's for some Montreal smoke meat and one of the great thing about this place is that it is as fantastic as every other previous visit. There was a line as usual but we only end up waiting less than 30 minutes and we were welcome by a cloud of vapour from the steaming meat as we sat down.

We ordered everything to share and that was more that enough for us 3 girls + Ben since we hav more good eats after.

Smoked Meat Sandwiches $6.30
The layers of smoked meat between 2 slices of rye bread and slathered with Dijon mustard is just a beauty.
Please go all the way and put your diet aside, ask for fat instead of lean... as usual the meat was very flavorful, tender and yummy.

Large plate smoked meat $14.25
This is a much better deal if you are sharing and make your own sandwich since it comes with bread as well, we order the sandwich and this to compare....

Sides of Pickle $1.85 and Hot Peppers $2.25
They have 2 types of peppers, mild / hot and of course we ordered the hot version since we all love spicy 

My 2 crazy besties ♥♥♥

Verdict :
As good as usual and this will always be one of my Montreal stop
Don't be intimated by the line up since it's pretty quick or just get take out where there's no line up
I may need to get some take out to bring home next time I'm there ;)

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  1. Is it beef? even I don't eat beef still make me drooling............