Thursday, November 1, 2012

Shiso Tree Cafe

I know a lot of my friends like to go all the time but although I go to J-Town all the time, it was only a few weeks ago that I finally went to try Shiso Tree Cafe. It's where Japan meets Italy where pasta are incorporated with Japanese flavors.

There was a drum set, I assume there's live performance at night?!

 For an additional $7, you can upgrade your pasta to a set with Soup of teh day, Salad , garlic toast and a slice of cake.

 Since we were only there for Lunch, we skipped the combo but our pasta still came with a salad

 Nori Fries $6
~ fresh cut fries tossed with homemade Wafu dressing & Japanese Seaweeds
 This tasted amazing, definitely a lot better than I expected with the flavorful. The nori was very crispy and fresh which is you would think it's among the definition of nori but you would be surprise at how many places have them soggy which makes it incredibly difficult to tear through when it's in bigger sheets. Love how they left the fries skin on and was very crispy and was perfect with the touch of Wafu dressing

 Shiso Clam Vingole $15
~ White Wine, Olive Oil, garlic, bacon, tomato, fresh Manila calms & shiso
I really love their presentation but thought it look a tad try but once we dig in, we realize that it was perfect. Light and refreshing with the prefect amount of flavor and need I mention that the garlic toast was perfect (^_^). But I have to say the clams weren't the freshest.

 Shrimp Okonomiyaki $14
~ Spaghetti sauteed w/ bacon, onions, garlic dressed shrimp, homemade steak sauce, Japanese mayo & bonito fish flakes
 Don't you just love bonito flakes, it'll move when sprinkle on top of hot dishes.... unlike the clams, the shrimp here was a lot better and the flavor here is a touch more intense than the previous one with a slight tang to it probably from the Japanese mayo.

 Black Sesame Creme Brulee $6
This was from the Special on the black board and this was just so good that I would come back in a heartbeat just for this. I have gotten over creme brulee and tend not to order it, but I'm always attracted to special flavor like this one (remember the Jackfruit one I had here)
The sugar crust was just perfect although the black sesame doesn't make it the best looking but it tasted define. The custard itself wasn't overly sweet and packed a ton of black sesame flavor ♥

when something is that good, if deserve another picture :)

Verdict :
Although I love their pasta, I find it a tad overprice and for a guy, it wouldn't be enough for dinner.
But I would probably go back since it's so close by to our place and also just for the creme brulee

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  1. The Salad seem too simple only lettuce......and the portion of Shiso Clam Vingole and Shrimp Okonomiyaki seem quite small..........

  2. One of my favourite restaurants uptown! You must try the Okonomiyaki or Ungai pasta during dinner. You're right about the amount/portion for a guy. My SO could have 2.

    PS - I just found your blog, I enjoy reading your thoughts and sharing the love of food! :)

    1. Thanks Kaye, hope you'll keep following my blog :)

      I would def go back to try your reco since I live rather close by :)