Thursday, November 8, 2012

Richmond Station

Most of you may already know alreay that I am a huge fan of Top Chef Canada and Season 2 winner Chef Carl Heinrich (@ChefHeinrich) finally open his own restaurant Richmond Station (@richmondstn) which have been in the making for quite a while now. Having met the chef himself before, he did drop by our table a couple time to say hi and ask how everything was (ahem, big crush on cute chef here ♥)

The ceiling was high but the place was very narrow and from the front window looking in, I can't help but feel like I'm in a station. The Top Chef Canada champion have invested his prize money into this 3,000 square foot farm to table restaurant along with celebrity butcher, Ryan Donovan... both formally from Marben. The cuisine here is pretty rustic with a modern touch.

Love the big open kitchen window along the back dining room where you can get glimpse 
of the Top Chef

A big fan of local wines, I'm glad that more than 80% of their wine list are from local wineries ♥
Ordered one of my favorite winery Norman Hardie 's Pinot Gris

Polenta Fries $8
~ bomba mayonnaise, marinara
Love love this polenta fries with the marinara sauce, although I usually like spicy I found the bomba mayo spicy but lack of the pop of flavor to compliment the polenta.
Crunchy inside with a grainy soft interior

Richmond Station Charcuterie $14
~ selection of meats & preserves from the pantry
Not sure if I remember right but that day, we had lamb terrine, chili salami, board head croquette.
My fave was the salami and it pairs perfectly with the preserves whereas the croquette is a close second, it was served piping hot and so flavorful on it's own, This was really a nice sharing plate at a really reasonable price, perfect for a wine drinking person like me :)

Smoked Trout $14
~ sauteed kale, soybean hummus, antipasto
This was probably my fave dish of the night, everything here was so delish and the tough part here was to try to get a bit of everything in each bite.
Love how the smoked fish wasn't salty, in fact it was quite mild where you get a taste of the smokiness but also the full on flavor of the fish itself. Every component on this dish was balanced so well, nothing overpowering the other but complimented each other perfectly.

Coq au Vin $25
~ pommes puree, pearl onions, bacon, mushrooms
A super rustic tasting dish and was very delicious but nothing too memorable that I would make me order it again.

Stn. Burger $20
~ aged cheddar, beet chutney, rosemary fries, radish salad
This was exactly like Marben's burger which is one of my fave which I alwasy complain about it being too small, but somehow this version felt a tiny bit bigger. I also really liked the radish salad at the farm corner but wish there was a bit more... maybe a salad or something since the fries was rather plain and a way too large of a portion compare to the burger itself.

Just like I remember it, the perfectly cook juicy burger (just a beautiful color) ♥
Ben ordered this but I end up eating half =P

Date Bar $9
Gooyee date bar w/ smoked hay ice cream and salted caramel

Complimentary bite size Cherry Ginger Cake

Verdict :
Found that a lot of components here are just like Marben, so I don't see a reason why I don't like this place but hope they will come up with something totally different soon.
I will definitely be back, maybe try their lunch.
Great Food & Great Service

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  1. Smoked Trout & Coq au Vin attracted me so much.....

  2. I think u mean gooey