Monday, December 29, 2014

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon [Las Vegas]

Name Chef of the Century, of course I had his restaurant while I am in Vegas but Joel Robuchon (@RobuchonLV) $425pp Tasting is way out of our budget, so we went next door to L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon next door. It's the culinary workshop of the gourmet mastermind, featuring counter service where everything is prepare right before your eyes in the open kitchen.

I will always love an open kitchen concept since it's just fascinating to watch the chefs working on the dishes but thought the decor of the the space here is a bit dated.

They have a 5 and 6 course prix fixe menu for $78 or $105pp as well as a $159pp 12 course Seasonal Discovery Menu but a la carte is also available. With dishes of $25 and up, the prix fixe is really the best choice. We decided on the 5 course option which include an amuse bouche, 2 Entrées, 1 main and 1 desserts. 

Amuse Bouche
~ Foie Gras parfait with a port wine and Parmesan foam

Les Endives
~ Endives méli mélo with foie gras shavings and blue cheese

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tacos El Gordo [Las Vegas]

Found this place when I was looking for late night eats when doing my research for our trips and there's but positive reviews. We happened to pass by when exploring the North side of the strip (older part) and decided to give it a try. Taco El Gordo (@TacosElGordoBC) is probably the best cheap eat on the Strip, just North of Wynn Hotel, they serve authentic fresh tacos with all kinds of fillings.

At $2 a taco, you can't go wrong and this was the place we miss the most after leaving Vegas. Wish we got the chance to go back a 2nd time before we leave.
Why don't we have something like that in Toronto? 

Basically like a fast food place but here you order first and then go to the cashier to pay. There's minimal seating inside but they have quite a big section of seating outside.

Seeing this totally reminded me of street food in Hong Kong where a big pot of internal goodness is simmering and ready to be chop/cut...

Taco De Buche (Pork Stomach)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Borealia [Canadian]

Derived from the Latin word for "northern", Borealia (@borealia_to) was one of the names proposed for Canada at the time of Confederation. Owned and operated by culinary married couple, Evelyn Wu and Chef Wayne Morris, Borealia does not serve your typical "Canadian Food" like poutine or Nanaimo bars.... instead they draw inspiration from the historic foods of the natives, early settlers and immigrants from the 18tha and 19th centuries.

Love the Canadian theme décor with the wooden expose beams along the ceiling, the fur throws, and wood logs.

Chopsuey Croquettes
Didn't get to try this one 

Devilled Chinese Tea Eggs

Bison "Pemmican" Bresaola
~ Wild Blueberry JuniperVinaigrette, Lardo

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pukka [Holiday Season - Indian]

This is my 3rd visit to Pukka (@pukkatoronto) and that show how much I enjoy this place to be back again (see post here and here).

I find that there was a lot of improvement compare to my first two visit and their menu changed quite a bit but some of he dishes that I didn't like before had a major improvement. Great Job!!!

Eggplant Tartare $8.70
~ tandoori smoked + khasta roti
This time the khasta roti was crisp and this was a light great start to the meal. I usually find Indian dishes to be rather heavy but they have lighter options here at Pukka which I love.

String Chaat $9.60
~ string vegetables, sprouts, rice crisps, pomegranate, mango, chutneys + yoghurt
Not sure if the ratio of the ingredients or what they changed, this was a lot tastier than when I had it during my first vist. Love the refreshing taste and flavors from the mango and pop of juices from the pomegranate.

Tandoori Chicken Tikka $13.50
~ herb-infused + tamarind chutney
Was a bit thrown off by the green color but it was moist and so yummy. They only blended fresh herbs and yogurt for the marinade, no dozens of spices involve. Simple yummy goodness.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Parlor Foods & Co. [Canadian]

Ben ask me recently what's Canadian cuisine really? Same as American? We were trying to think of dishes that's originated from Canada and trust me, our list was rather short... So I remember the recently opened Parlor Foods & Co. (@parlorfoods). Seeing the menu, I guess Canadian cuisine is more about the ingredients than the dish itself... what you think?

Love the entryway of wood logs, I was already expecting to be transported to a rustic Muskoka cabin and indeed... love the high barn board tables and the coffee burlap sacks covering the ceiling

They do not have a menu online since it changes daily depending on the ingredients of the day.

Heard that their cocktails are amazing, so I just had to try but I had to say good job on the all local wine list.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Han Ba Tang [Korean]

I am a huge fan of Korean food so much so that Ben always says that I must be a Korean in my previous life, so I was thrilled when I was invited to one of the newest addition to the Yonge and Sheppard area, Han Ba Tang (@Han_Ba_Tang) media tasting.

The place is quite easy to miss since they only have their Korean sign since they wanted to preserve the storefront green tile sign that ceased production back in the 40's.

As soon as we walk in the place, I felt in love with the décor that looks like everything have been found at an Antique Market... love the vintage-ness. They described their décor as "industrial vintage" with the expose brick walls, worn floor tiles, reclaimed wood.... there's just quite a few pieces that I would love to own (^_<)

Han Ba Tang translate to "one full round"
Soju cup shaped light sign, what a great attention to the details which if I wasn't told wouldn't have notice although I took a few picture of it already ♥

So warm and inviting!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Here & There [Las Vegas]

When we go on vacation, we try to get the earliest flight possible even if it's slightly more expensive since I do not want to waste a day of my vacation and also not to waste the night of hotel stay. If you arrive at your destination later, you may need to stay an extra night which means paying an extra hotel night. So we got our tickets for 7:30am which basically means waking up in the middle of the night to make it to the airport (as you can see the sleepy face on the picture to the left).

This post will mostly be pictures that we took here & there in Vegas that I want to share and also share some tips that I learn from this trip.
(first time seeing a rainbow on the plane)

As you may already know, I was in Vegas back in October for friends' wedding and also an excuse for a getaway, but frankly there's really not much to do except gambling or clubbing/partying.. which I do neither, I am a total retired party girl.
(have to see Vegas both day & night which can be totally different)

So I did what I love most, eat & shop. We were there for 4 days and I got to spend time with the bride-to-be + the girls and with time left to spend with Ben. Me and Ben end up walking and explore the whole strip, it took us 2 days to be exact and it was definitely a lot of walking... so make sure to wear super comfy shoes and a fold up flats is totally necessary for night out in heels (trust me I learned it the hard way).
(love the older light sign from the older hotels)

Although I took my fair share of taxi with the girls, when going out with Ben we mostly took the Monorail which is cheaper and pretty convenient since there's a stop at our hotel (post here). Depending how long you are staying, there's 1 to 7 day unlimited tickets and we got the unlimited 4 day pass for $36 only... and the good thing about them is that they start from the hour you bought them and not the day of which we have been able to use on our 5th day morning for our last ride to the airport (we stayed on the North End of the strip, so we ride to MGM to catch a cab to the airport which is so much closer - $40 vs $15)