Monday, December 22, 2014

Borealia [Canadian]

Derived from the Latin word for "northern", Borealia (@borealia_to) was one of the names proposed for Canada at the time of Confederation. Owned and operated by culinary married couple, Evelyn Wu and Chef Wayne Morris, Borealia does not serve your typical "Canadian Food" like poutine or Nanaimo bars.... instead they draw inspiration from the historic foods of the natives, early settlers and immigrants from the 18tha and 19th centuries.

Love the Canadian theme décor with the wooden expose beams along the ceiling, the fur throws, and wood logs.

Chopsuey Croquettes
Didn't get to try this one 

Devilled Chinese Tea Eggs

Bison "Pemmican" Bresaola
~ Wild Blueberry JuniperVinaigrette, Lardo

Braised Whelk
~ Kombu Beurre Blanc, Seaweed & Burdock
The presentation alone was enough for me to order this dish and was thrilled that it was just as delicious. Braised in a kombu beurre blanc and served on a bed of just as yummy soya flavor seaweed and burdock. Perfect combination of French and Chinese, that's my type of fusion.

~ Mussels Smoked in Pine Needles, Pine Ash Butter
This was my favorite dish of the night, the mussels was infused with so much flavors and yet not overwhelming, just plenty enough to compliment the fresh sweet taste of the mussels. And let's not forget the wow factor of the presentation, when the cover is lifted you are instantly surrounded by the delicious aromas.

 Red Fife Levain Bread & Cultured Butter
Baked in house, this was so good... can I say one of my fave dish was the bread?! Served together with the mussels so you get to dip in and get all the yummy sauce.

Salt Cod Quenelles
~ Lobster and Veloute
For those like me who have no idea what Quenelles is, I wiki-ed it (here).

Pigeon Pie
~ Roast Squab Breast, Parnsip
 What a great twist on the classic chicken pot pie!

Louisbourg Hot Chocolate Beignets
~ Spiced Chocolate Ganache, Beer Batter, Lemon Sugar

Love every single dish I got to taste that night.
Great way of reinventing/reimagine the dishes with a more refine and modern touch

Have always thought of Canadian cuisine to be tweaked recipes of settlers/immigrants, so I was glad there's finally a restaurant doing that.
Can't wait to bring Ben back to try (^_^)
*** This meal was complimentary but opinions are my own ***

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