Monday, February 28, 2011

The Queen and Beaver Public House

 This is a long due post, I went to The Queen and Beaver back in December after our cold walk at the Christmas Market here. This is our second time there, we last went during the summer and they serve very traditional English Pub food, so so that we didn't know what most of the item on the menu was =P

There's a lot of choices of BEER

Pork Scratchings
~ we had this on both occasion and it tasted much better the first time which was super crispy and yummy and go great with beer, just a crispy fatty goodness... but the second time was super hard (>__<)
I guess it just depends on how freshly made it is.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


T-Bone is a 24 hrs steak and burger drive in restaurant at 2540 Eglinton Ave East.
Ok, you are not going to have the steak or burger of your life here but it`s really more worth than what you are paying for.... don`t believe me, just take a look at their menu below

8 oz Sirloin Burger w/ Fries - $4.99
$3.95 for the Burger alone. Not the best in the world but definitely taste better and cheaper than regular fast food (aka McDonald`s). It`s made from real beef and although it looks a bit dry, it didn`t taste dry

Windy ~

I thought it will be a good idea to go take some pics in the park on our street since it got a little bit warmer.... Gosh, I was so wrong, it was super windy and I could barely keep my eyes open (>_<)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

★ Dream bag ★

Celine Boston Bag
Love the beige and black one but it's way out of my price range
I'll keep on dreaming =P

District Modern Japanese Bistro

Another FabFind coupon find $15 for $30 worth, I`ve been meaning to try District Bistro for a while now since heard some good things about it from friends.
We made reservation online and got a email confirmation a few days ahead... but when we arrive it was all pack and they said they don`t have any records of our reservation and ask us if we wanted to wait. Ok, we went all the way downtown on a Friday night at 8:00 and if we don`t wait I don`t see us getting a table anywhere else (maybe except some Chinese restaurant). No need to say I was so MAD, they didn`t even have 2 seats at the bar and we stand by the door for more than 15 minutes, then we got one bar stool and Ben was standing + another 15 mins wait + another 15 mins before the waitress came to take our order after we were seated =(

Ben wanted to eat this for some reason and I was reluctant since it's sold for less than $1 a large pack in supermarket... and there was too much salt on it that I nearly choked.

Seared Shine Saba
~ marinated torched makerel with rosemary
I would have prefer if it was torched a bit more but it was very tasty, only slightly marinated and the lime in between of each slice was very refreshing. But I couldn't there's no rosemary taste at all, only the sprig at the side. (I still prefer the one from Fin Izakaya here)

On a side note, the waitress told us that she'll be bringing us plates since we'll be sharing all the dishes but it never came.... not even till the last dish >_<

Monday, February 21, 2011

Red ♥

I was taking off my shoes when this pic was taken and end up bring my fave.
We was running so late for dinner that we didn't have time to take the pictures before heading out. I only had these taken when we came back and I was so tired by then that all the pics look like I'm half asleep.
Love this H&M ♥ skirt so much that I decided to mix it with my red tights after my fuchsia tank remix here.
What do you think? Is it too much?

The One That Got Away

Got another FabFind coupon for The One That Got Away, an order at the counter fish restaurant and on their sign it says "World Famous Fish House". Ok, I always wonder if there's any rule for any restaurant to be able to add world famous to their title. Are there certain parameters required to attain this title? Or is it just to trick us into believing so?!?

Would love to try the Barramundi next time =P

Haddock Fish & Chips
~ the large heapibg portion of fries and thick-cut and skin-on, classic fish and chips style. The fish itself is moist and tender w/ a super light batter that doesn't overpower the fish but would have prefer it to be a tiny bit crispier 

Friday, February 18, 2011


♥ Just love all those pretty weird alley in downtown ♥
The weather was so nice last weekend that I just couldn't resist taking some pics when passing by on our way to grab coffee

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chinese Fondue (aka Hot Pot)

Hot pot (火鍋), also known as Chinese fondue or steamboat refers to several East asian varieties of stew consisting of a simmering pot of stock at the center of the dinning table. While the hot pot keep simmering, raw ingredients are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table which typically include thinly sliced meat, veggies, dumpling and seafood. Then the cooked food is usually eaten with a dipping sauce......

I'm really not a HUGE fan of hot-pot like most "HongKong-nians" who go crazy anytime of the year (not just winter)...but I still like it once in a while especially with a group of friends to catch up. I recently got invited to my friend's house for Chinese New Year for Hot Pot and last time that I went, there was ton of seafood and home made chili sauce which was super super spicy.Thanks to her mum who prepared all those yummy food =D

Just like Cheese Fondue, you'll choose your Cheese and Liquid combination, you can choose you soup base for your Chinese Fondue like plain chicken/beef stock, satay, curry, spicy etc.
That night we had one non-spicy (gingseng) and a super spicy one

We put so many food in to cook that it was overflowing =P
This spicy broof plus my friend's home made chili sauce in my dipping sauce made me sweat all the way   o(^_^)o

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman

MAC has partnered with DC Comics' Wonder Woman for a collection and it'll be available until Mid-April (but it selling out fast). When I first heard about it last year, I've wanted to see the result and since the first images finally released last month....  LOVE the packaging and have to get my hand on at least 1 or 2 items. Since I haven't been able to get the items I wanted from the Disney's Venomous Villains Collection back in September (it's sold out the first week it came out), I make sure to place an online order the first day it came out =P

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Beast have been on my radar since it opened last year at the former location of Susur Lee's Lotus and Amuse Bouche but wanted to wait for more review to come up and also my to-eat list is way too long. It's located in an unassuming side street surrounded by houses; ok it's basically a house converted into a restaurant... this was the perfect small cozy restaurant for our early V day dinner (^_^)

Owner Scott heads up the kitchen and Rachelle makes her breads and pastries during the day, managing the front of the house at night.
Yummy, the bread was so GOOD !!!

Dead Elephant Ale (love the tattoo looking label)
~ from Railway City Brewing Co. from St.Thomas, Ontario
Beast serve mostly local produce and even have their own herb garden, it's no surprise that even the beer they served are homegrown (^_^)
Super yummy, love the flavor of Ontario /Montreal beer and it was only for $4 each

Monday, February 14, 2011

Jump (Winterlicious #5)

My #5 Winterlicious destination was Jump, a Oliver & Bonacini Restaurant. I've also been to other O&B restaurants; Auberge du Pommier here and Biff's Bistro already, so I'm left with Canoe still. Since I've never been able to get a reservation for "licious" at Canoe, I think I'll go back for their regular menu or even their tasting menu for a special occasion =P

We arrive just in time for our 8:00pm reservation and was surprise that it was pack and a lot of people were waiting for seats but we were seated right away since we had reservation...
I found the seating a bit tight since were in the middle small table

 Yummy Roasted Pepper Dip and such pretty presentation

Sunday, February 13, 2011


 Saw these Icicles on the way to dinner to Sassafraz here and found it so pretty that I have to snap a few pics on our way out.

Sassafraz (Winterlicious #4)

Winterlicious 2011 #4 Dinner at Sassafraz was a lot better than I've expected. I remember I went there for Valentine's day a few years ago and the even with reservation we had to wait for over half hour in the freezing cold and we only got a table at cafe/bar side which was totally a different atmosphere with super crowded seating and the food was really average. But a lot of my friends raves about Sassafraz, so I was willing to give it one more chance especially for $45 Winterlicious....

This time we did get our table at the dinning area and the atmosphere was much more romantic which was better for our date =)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Windsor Arms ~ Going High Tea

I know I'm a bit behind on my post since it's been a while that I posted my Outfit Post here for my "tea party"... and here's the actual Tea Party (aka High Tea) and here's how the story went.....Last time that I went for Afternoon tea with my girlfriends, Windsor Arms (our 1st choice) was fully booked although we try booking 3 weeks in advance and we end up going to the Royal York (in the Library Bar). So a few weeks ago, after reading my favorite foodie's post here I was once again craving to go high tea and my friend decided she will be joining us with her bf.... so here we go again, reservation, going back and forth since date wasn't available and mostly fully booked. We end up getting a reservation for 12:30 Sunday and needless to say, we went without breakfast or lunch and both of the boys were not full enough. I've always thought afternoon tea should be had after 2:00pm but heh, we can go shopping on Bloor afterward and there wasn't other choice except wait for another month =P

I have always consider High Tea to be a really really good treat since $38.00 per person is a SPLURGE for pastry and tea.Usally it's just all worth it since it make you feel like Royalty with the pretty flowery cups, saucers & tea pot and those dainty cute sandwiches.

And let's just say, I was not satisfied of what I got for that $38.00 at all... the service was horrible with a clumsy waiter and sort of RUSH since they want to get rid of you and have the table ready for the next reservation, the tea was not that good and with minimum tea per pot, food wasn't that tasty (except the scones).... Oh and I didn't get my "Purple Room" table and was only seated at the outside French style lobby tea room =(

All four of us ordered Full Tea instead of the Compete Tea which also include a glass of Sparkling wine.

No cute flowery tea cups, only plain boring white one.
Don't get me wrong, I normally like plain colors ones but high tea is one of the occasions that I don't mind going crazy girly flowery w/ every cup and tea pots clashing and not matching =P

There was barely any tea in the pot which make the tea very watery and forget about re-fill =(
My girlfriend ordered the Eve's Temptation and Starbucks Tazo Passion Tea actuallyl taste much better... 
I ordered the Passion and Envy and it was basically tasteless on it's own and honey need to be added...