Monday, February 28, 2011

The Queen and Beaver Public House

 This is a long due post, I went to The Queen and Beaver back in December after our cold walk at the Christmas Market here. This is our second time there, we last went during the summer and they serve very traditional English Pub food, so so that we didn't know what most of the item on the menu was =P

There's a lot of choices of BEER

Pork Scratchings
~ we had this on both occasion and it tasted much better the first time which was super crispy and yummy and go great with beer, just a crispy fatty goodness... but the second time was super hard (>__<)
I guess it just depends on how freshly made it is.

Pressed Quail & Foie Gras with Spiced Prune
~ very refreshing, moist and love the pistachio at the center, it just add the right amount of texture, color and flavor

Potted Goose & Cumberland Jelly
~ nothing special, just the usual fatty goodness

Ox Tongue & Beetroot with Tewkesbury Mash
~ this was my fave dish of the night, the ox tongue was supper moist, soft and yummy plus it's serve with beets (one of may fave veggies) and the whole dish was in a pretty red color (^_^)

Midlands Curry & Rice
~ really nothing special, didn't really like it. The texture of the meat was too mushy without any distinctive curry flavor or spice... it's a bland curry, I could have made better curry at home or stick with our usual Indian Curry take out which will be 1/3 the price w/ some real meat...

Pictures from our first back in July last year:
Welsh Rabbit
~ at $7, I would have expected bigger portion than the one toast or at least some sort of sidedish

On the sunny patio on the second floor

Hand Chopped Burger & Chips
The chips / the fries was cut super thick, hot and fresh, look how great it looks. 
Super fluffy center w/ super crispy outside.
Love their burger, it's one of my fave in T.O. and came as I order which was medium-rare... which was super juicy moist and you could actually sea bits of the chopped beef when you bite into it with just the right amount of fat (not your usual dry up ground beef)

Rabbit Pie & Young Leaf
~ not the best looking but it was super good, just look at the layers

Sticky Toffee Pudding
~ wasn't bad, the flavour was great....
but it feel like it's been re-heated in a microwave, you know the texture of the surface that you get when re-heating from the microwave =(

Queen & Beaver is in a somewhat historic looking house with very vintage looking decor.
Take a look at the inside

There's a wood burning oven behind our table by the kitchen

And I just realize house my outfit match the decor =P

Verdict :
If you are craving for authentic English pub fare, please give Queen and Beaver a try.
It's a tiny bit more expensive than your regular pub food but I really find it worth the price tag.
Will def. go back with a group of friends or go back during summer for their patio for sure =D

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  1. I love their burger too! One of the best in Toronto (I did NOT like the one at Harbord Room) And like u, I ♥ beets so that ox tongue & beets look really delicious to me~ Very interested in the rabbit pie too!

  2. you have recently been to Harbord Room? I've meant to go during summer since they have a cute patio but still haven't been

  3. I went back in December; my boyfriend had the burger actually and I took a few bites, it was like a gourmet Big Mac (my friend Cindy thought so too). I was so disappointed since Harbord Room was supposed to have one of the best burgers in Toronto. I ordered the Steak Frites and the presentation was horrible and the fries were soggy (they were underneath the steak :S)