Thursday, February 3, 2011

La Maquette (Winterlicious #2) - HORRIBLE

La Maquette is our 2nd Winterlicious stop and it was HORRIBLE. 
We just went last night and just can't wait to post this review since I want to warn everyone how HORRIBLE it was and please CANCEL if you made reservation.... I've heard some good thing about this place and decided to try it out for Winterlicious but what a let down... Maybe they slack off due to the low price of the Prix Fixe, but I hate those type of restaurant cause basically you join Winter/Summer-lisious to attract new customers to come back for your regular menu and just don't join if you are not willing to offer good food and service as usual.

Bread Basket
~ I'm not kidding but it's the best tasting thing whole night, love the regular baguette and I doubt they bake it in house (O_o)

How could you run out of your feature wine... yup they to manage to run out one of their feature red wine out of four and their regular wine list sucks and way overpriced.

Wild Boar and Sweet Apricot Terrine w/ red current jelly sauce
~ the sesame cracker was unnecessary and didn't go with the terrine and was not very crispy; the terrine itself was bland and couldn't taste much of anything and give the bland taste of the terrine, the sauce was overly sweet  =(

Winter Harvest Vegetable Soup ~ it changes daily and it's Beet here
Not bad and there's still small bits of beet... 
but really, it's just fresh vegetable blended with stock or cream: I bet no one can get this wrong

Roasted Prime Rib
~ in a water chestnut cream sauce 
w/roasted garlic goat cheese mashed potatoes & medley of vegetables
Ok, I guess the picture itself said it all... it tasted as blend as it look, the meat has no flavour whatsoever, couldn't taste "goat cheese" in the mashed, the sauce was tasteless..... the best part was the veggies.
It was only a small portion and Ben couldn't even finish this, that's how bad it was =(

Slow Baked Lobster Tail & Grilled Shrimps
~ black bean rice and medley of fresh vegetables in a cognac & lemongrass cream sauce.
Both the lobster and shrimp was overcook so that you couldn't even pry the stick from the shrimp, the black bean was huge and give that weird texture together with the rice..... and once again, the best part of this dish was the veggies

Chocolate Truffle Cake 
~ layers of devil’s food chocolate cake and whipped ganache finished with extra dark chocolate glaze, garnished with berry compote and crème Anglaise
Very sweet, store bought looking

This was taken before the meal, hence the smile

 This Chandelier and the front window (first pic) are the only part of the restaurant that I liked, I mean look at the huge "tree" behind me w/ Christmas light on it (very very old school)

HORRIBLE, at least for Winterlicious and I bet it's the same for Summerlicious.
It's as bad as Toula in terms of food, but at least I get a lake front view at Toula
Service was very average, food was horrible and the restaurant itself is a bit dated

P.S: we were extremely tempted to go next door to Origin to satisfied our taste buds.

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  1. Oh man that cracker is so out of place, and I hate it when lobster is overcooked...the worse! I'll let you know how my lunch is at La Marquette later today O_o I'm not looking forward to it~

  2. I wanted to go for Lunch too but they don't offer Lunch on the weekend... maybe it's better =) Let's cross our finger

  3. Vickieeee I just came back. I am honestly so surprised. My lunch was actually really good! My salad appetizer was OK nothing great but my boss really enjoyed his seafood bisque (instead of the vegetable soup they have on the menu). My sole was soft and the cream sauce was decent. My colleague ordered the lamb shank - it was huge and the meat was also very tender. My apple crumble was very unique and delicious. My colleagues loved their creme caramel too.

    Man I'm so confused now LOL~ Oh but service sucked tho...nobody came over to serve us until like 10 minutes later. But yeah, your dinner the other night and my dinner a few years ago sucked, but my lunch today was great. This place for sure is a hit and miss haha