Thursday, February 10, 2011

My day at ROM

After our lunch at C5 here, we decided to stay at ROM and took some silly photos =P
I would tell you the truth, I've never been to ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) and it was a great opportunity to take a look since we got in free to get into the restaurant
 Love this Organic H&M skirt so much that I end up going back to get the strapless dress and with the heart pattern, perfect for the month of Love (V day coming up)

Love the super high brick wall/ceiling and that was what \i was looking at =P

Don't know why but there was a desk and a chair there

I think I do take better picture of him then he does of me (>__<)
LOL, he's going to kill me when he hears this =P

Happy Chinese New Year !!!
This was so cute

Love this section, it was so bright w/ the glass display cases

 This is actually some sort of crystal
So cute, look like a very very fat person =P

the whole wall made of beer bottle caps

Egyptian Tomb

Egyptian Eyeliners from thousands of years ago, doesn't look much different from the gel liners we use today =P

Had so much fun !!!
And it was just snowing slightly when we left, so beautiful and sort of a romantic date ♥

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