Thursday, February 3, 2011

~Seeing Green~

Ok, the lighting was horrible but I promise in real life the color is much more intense =P
I just feel like doing some color on this cold winter night; with athe snow storm and all we decided to keep out reservation for out Winterlicious Dinner here and at that time I was expecting to have a great dinner night (>__<)

I remember Green  being one of my favorite eye shadow color apart from grey/black back when I used to dyed my hair red (from dark red to orange-y red)
It's also to try out 2 of the colors from my Urban Decay's NYC pallet from here

 Own this dark emerald green tights for a few years now and I think I only wore it one.... so I thought why not match my tights to my shadow since I'm wearing all black anyway (^_^)

 SNOW DAY 2011 !!!

Here's me with my "orange" hair a few years ago

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