Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tabule (Winterlicious 2011 - #1 Lunch)

Tabule is our first Winterlicious 2011 stop, we went for a Saturday Lunch at $15/person.

Pita to start but it was so DRY and didn't even came with some sort of dip, really don't know if they expect you to enjoy plain pita (really no flavour)

~ seared Hallum cheese on a bed of baby arugula in a pomegranate dressing
That's the first time tasting Hallum Cheese and it looks as much as it taste like tofu. We both like it very much, just enough saltiness from the cheese to balance the fresh and tangy taste of the salad

~ cracked wheat shell stuffed with ground lamb and beef, onions and pine nuts
The shell was really really wheat-y which was a bit harder and dryer than I would like but the filling with the combination of texture from the meat, moist onions and crunchy pine nuts was very tasty with the side of the sour cream

~ juicy skewer of middle eastern spiced mixed ground lamb and beef
I was a bit disappointed when our dish arrived since it looks very sad with the 3 small pieces of meat on the side. But come to think of it, it was only $15 for 3 course meal and with that you can barely eat at a foodcourt. But definitely should work on a better presentation.
The meat was really really flavorful with quite strong lamb flavor, the salad was light dress only w/ oil and lemon juice, but the rice was a bit strange since it taste like soy-sauce (very Chinese flavor) and have those strange looking "rice noodle" in it (not sure what it is but same as rice noodle)

~ skewer of tender beef filet
Same looking as the previous dish!!! 
It was a nice cut of meat and was cook middle rare which was super tender and flavorful. Tasted much better than it look

~ angel hair filo layered with custard and topped off with rose water syrup
This was my favorite dish, I order this just because I thought it'll like nice and I was expecting this to be super sweet like most middle eastern dessrt. But this was super good, not too sweet, super creamy melt in your mouth custard.
I could have 2nd or 3rds (^_^)

Burnt Honey Gelato
~ way too sweet to my taste but it was smooth and can really taste the honey not the sugar.

Ok, the service was horrible since there was only 2 waiter for teh entire restaurant and we have to wait forever for anything. 
And I don't know if it's the custom or what but they actually serve the dessert without asking us if we need coffee or tea. The waiter actually came after we finish our dessert

Lebanese Coffee
~ super super strong coffee
We order one cup each and he ordered his without sugar while mine was just lightly sugar.
But mine came super super sweet and felt like drinking mouthful of syrup.
If I ever have Lebabese Coffee again, I'll ask for without sugar

 see how thick it is =P

Verdict :
I don't think you could do a lot better for $15 
Saw some other pictures online and it seems that Dinner looks much better and they have belly dancing performances during weekend.
Maybe next time I'll go back for Winter/Summerlicious Dinner

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  1. I went to Tabule with some friends during the last Winterlicious. I remember thinking the exact same thing as you: dry pita, how the kubbeh's shell was dry but had good filling, and how all the meats look practically the same on everyone's dishes haha~ I didn't have the salad, which actually looks quite good. With the same frame of mind, my dinner was only $25 so I didn't have too high of an expectation anyway.... and we had the awesome belly dancing show! That girl can dance! Here's a pic --> http://bit.ly/hxpVVu =D

  2. yup, saw your pic on your Facebook, that's how I knew there was belly dancing =P