Monday, February 21, 2011

The One That Got Away

Got another FabFind coupon for The One That Got Away, an order at the counter fish restaurant and on their sign it says "World Famous Fish House". Ok, I always wonder if there's any rule for any restaurant to be able to add world famous to their title. Are there certain parameters required to attain this title? Or is it just to trick us into believing so?!?

Would love to try the Barramundi next time =P

Haddock Fish & Chips
~ the large heapibg portion of fries and thick-cut and skin-on, classic fish and chips style. The fish itself is moist and tender w/ a super light batter that doesn't overpower the fish but would have prefer it to be a tiny bit crispier 

Arctic Char Sandwich
 Grilled arctic char was super flavorful and perfectly complimented by just a tiny bit of tartar sauce and  vinaigrette. And it came on an extra yummy warmed whole grain bun and topped with greens, tomatoes and cucumbers... like the crisp veggies with the moist fish combination

 side of Coleslaw
~ super fresh and lightly seasoned and dressed

Verdict :
Offers quality seafood in generous portions for very very reasonable prices.
(most pub with charge you at least $18-20 for a very regular portion of fish & chips)
Will definitely go back

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  1. Hehe am so happy that you went to The One That Got Away before me so I can read your review! I ♥ fish and chips and im happy that this place is worth going to (especially when I got the coupon too). So with your experience, where is the best fish and chips place? I don't know of any fish and chips place...novice in this area :(

  2. Olde Yorke Fish & Chip is still the best I've had in Toronto up until now:

    I'm craving to go back =P

  3. Cool thanks! The fish & chips batter at Olde Yorke does look more appetizing than the one at The One That Got Away~ But probably will still go to this one first as I got the voucher hehe~

  4. i hear penrose on mount pleasant is really good

    but still have to try olde yorke since i heard so many good reviews