Monday, February 7, 2011

C5 (Winterlicious #3 Lunch)

Winterlicious 2011 #3 Destination is to C5 at ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). I like to try Lunch for "Licious" when it's available since most of the time the Lunch and Dinner menu are very similar at 1/2 the price (Compare menu here, $25 for Lunch & $45 for Dinner).

I wanted to sleep in and made my reservation for 2:00pm and by the time we arrive, the good seat by the window were taken =(
But still love the super high ceiling and still have been able to enjoy the great rooftop view (^_^)

The Ceiling

On the menu Basket of Bread was listed for $3.50 but we were told that first serving (2pcs each) are free of charged and we got seconds when he saw us finishing it (I'm not complaining but why list it on the menu when it's in fact free)

 Tamworth Pork Rillette
 ~ potato rosemary crostini, c5 pickles, mustard
The Pork Rillette was moist and was shredded in quite big chunks which give it more texture since a lot of places have their rillette made into a pâté. But really didn't taste the Rosemary from the crostini but both pickles & mustard was great and goes perfectly with the rillettte.

Clam Chowder
~ celeriac, parsnip, Littleneck clams, mussels 
Smooth & creamy with great balance of flavour from the mussels and clams with actual whole pieces inside.

Cumbrae Farms Shaved Ribeye
~ Yorkshire Pudding, gravy, rainbow carrots
I was really surprise at how good this actually taste, it was red, moist with a great balance of lean and fat meat and piled super high. There was Polenta at the bottom and it has great texture, not overly smooth nor overly season like most places and was a great balance to the meat with just the amount of gravy on the side.

Fish & Chips
~ Boddingtons battered halibut cheeks, Luigi’s tartar sauce, skillet fries, coleslaw
The coleslaw was a non-traditional style and was not that great with no particular flavour (should either be sweeter or creamier or tart-er). But the fish was really good and tasted much better than it actually look; the batter was super light & crispy while the fish super moist & flaky

Lemon Rice Pudding
Creamy yet tasted refreshing, was a great palate cleanser I found

Sticky Toffee
My warm warm Oooyee Gooyee dessert once again and it was super yummy

Definitely worth my $25 and I'll definitely go back; maybe Summerlicious or a romatic dinner by the window =P
Good food, great view, great service and free ROM admission

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  1. Everything looks great! Love your pics on this post :)

  2. Thanks =D you should try
    Where else did you went for Winterlicious, still ahven't seen your post