Wednesday, February 23, 2011


T-Bone is a 24 hrs steak and burger drive in restaurant at 2540 Eglinton Ave East.
Ok, you are not going to have the steak or burger of your life here but it`s really more worth than what you are paying for.... don`t believe me, just take a look at their menu below

8 oz Sirloin Burger w/ Fries - $4.99
$3.95 for the Burger alone. Not the best in the world but definitely taste better and cheaper than regular fast food (aka McDonald`s). It`s made from real beef and although it looks a bit dry, it didn`t taste dry

16 oz Rib-Eye Steak - $11.99
It came with choice of sides for rice, fries or roasted potatoes + salad +dinner roll w/ butter
Ben choose roasted potatoes and it was tasteless and the steak there are cook  fast food style (which means it`s never done as per customer request)
Ben also requested to add side on sauteed onions, it was super oily and I`ll make sure to skip it if we go back... and last time I had the Sirloin and I thing it tasted a bit better

Verdict :
Cheapest place that I know of where you can get steak 24/7 for under $10.00
Definitely better than most "cha chang tang" (茶餐廳) where you can get it for around the same price but all their steak are over marinated which make it very mushy....

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  1. Gotta love the prices!!! Can't argue with money =D

  2. The Burger was actually not bad... better than most places in dt where they charge you $10+ (in my opinion it's better than Gourmet Burger)

  3. The burgers are 8oz homemade. The fries are hand cut Yukon Golds All the steaks are hand carved Rice and roast potatoes are homemade. Mashed are real mashed. Prices are the best for homemade food

  4. I've been going to T-bones since it opened in 1997 I know the owner definitely very nice the key word in this place is homemade steaks are handcarved burgers are homemade with their own recipe they won best burger in Scarborough in 2002 and 2003 fries are handpress to Yukon Gold's mash potatoes are definitely mashed in house from scratch fish and chips are made from scratch. the price for all these homemade good eats is not going to break your wallet as a matter of fact I think what they're the best prices in the city currently I live in Mississauga and will still drive the distance to get a steak I know will be great they're open 24 hours and the staff is very friendly