Tuesday, February 22, 2011

District Modern Japanese Bistro

Another FabFind coupon find $15 for $30 worth, I`ve been meaning to try District Bistro for a while now since heard some good things about it from friends.
We made reservation online and got a email confirmation a few days ahead... but when we arrive it was all pack and they said they don`t have any records of our reservation and ask us if we wanted to wait. Ok, we went all the way downtown on a Friday night at 8:00 and if we don`t wait I don`t see us getting a table anywhere else (maybe except some Chinese restaurant). No need to say I was so MAD, they didn`t even have 2 seats at the bar and we stand by the door for more than 15 minutes, then we got one bar stool and Ben was standing + another 15 mins wait + another 15 mins before the waitress came to take our order after we were seated =(

Ben wanted to eat this for some reason and I was reluctant since it's sold for less than $1 a large pack in supermarket... and there was too much salt on it that I nearly choked.

Seared Shine Saba
~ marinated torched makerel with rosemary
I would have prefer if it was torched a bit more but it was very tasty, only slightly marinated and the lime in between of each slice was very refreshing. But I couldn't there's no rosemary taste at all, only the sprig at the side. (I still prefer the one from Fin Izakaya here)

On a side note, the waitress told us that she'll be bringing us plates since we'll be sharing all the dishes but it never came.... not even till the last dish >_<

Magura Salad
~ seared albacone, tuna, salmon and scallop sashimi, greens, avocado, soy vinaigrette, wonton straw
I really like this salad, dress just right and with a bit of everything in each bit with the sashimi is perfect.

We didn't order this and was place at our table by accident. 
So pretty that I took a picture before returning this =)

District Maki
~ cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, topped with seared eel + butterfish
Half of the rolls was top with eel and the other with butterfish, not both on the same piece. The cream cheese goes extremely well with everything and love it so much. Guess everything does taste better with cheese =)

Btw, still no plates and good thing the rolls were roll really well and doesn't fall apart at the slightest touch.

Spicy roll
~ salmon, tuna, cucumber, avocado, tobiko, spicy mayo
Good, but nothing special

Chirashi Sushi
~ selection of sashimi on a bowl of sushi rice
This was perfect; the sashimi was fresh, the pickle was so yummy, mushroom sweet and yummy and goes perfectly with the sushi rice. The rice was really really good; seasoned just right, with just enough of vinegar, not too hard or too soft and the sprinkle of the seaweed seasoning was so perfect and delicious.

Sesame Ice Cream
Tasted just like Fin's (here)
(Yuzu/Japango's sesame ice cream are still the best)

Food was good but service was horrible (lost reservation, slow, didn't even gave us a plate).
Would like to go back to try the Crunchy Lime Salmon that we didn't order (too much for the 2 of us) or even just for the Chirashi.

My friend was saying from her blog here how they had sesame on all dishes and I realize how true it is although we didn't order the same dishes.
I didn't went to District anytime sonner because I though that it was some kind of Jap. fusion restaurant but I really didn't find anything that's fusion / modern about their menu.

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  1. Hey thanks for the mention, Vickie :) Wow those are huge salt "pebbles" on the edamame LOL~ You know after seeing the picture of your salad, and I remember mine, I DO really enjoy the salads at District...it's not like any salad you get in ordinary Japanese restaurants. Hahah love how you took the picture of the rolls that weren't yours...I would've done the exact same thing ^_^

  2. the "pebbles" are sea salt, so I undersatnd why it was so huge but there was just way too much of it =P

    Love the salad, wish they open for Lunch on the weekend, so that I can drop in for a salad