Monday, February 14, 2011

Jump (Winterlicious #5)

My #5 Winterlicious destination was Jump, a Oliver & Bonacini Restaurant. I've also been to other O&B restaurants; Auberge du Pommier here and Biff's Bistro already, so I'm left with Canoe still. Since I've never been able to get a reservation for "licious" at Canoe, I think I'll go back for their regular menu or even their tasting menu for a special occasion =P

We arrive just in time for our 8:00pm reservation and was surprise that it was pack and a lot of people were waiting for seats but we were seated right away since we had reservation...
I found the seating a bit tight since were in the middle small table

 Yummy Roasted Pepper Dip and such pretty presentation

Canadian Rock Crab Cake
~ smoked red pepper sauce, celeriac and heirloom carrot slaw
A much bigger portion that I expected given that it was packed with crab meat. Crispy on the outside and super moist and crabby in the inside and the pepper sauce was a great compliment

Togarashi Beef Cappaccio
~ daikon and mizauna salad, tora root sticks, pickled ginger and sesame miso vinaigrette
We were totally how well the crispy taro stick on top goes so well together with the beef capaccio.
 You just have to have a bit of everything in each bite

Braised Beef Short Ribs
~ truffle polenta, melted garlic and roasted mushroom jus
Truffle = good, melted garlic = roasted garlic = super yummy flavorful (but stinky, not that great for a first date), mushroom = yummmmy goodness and with the melt in your mouth goodness of short ribs (it just fall apart at the slight touch)

Hand Carved Roasted Berkshire Pork Loin
~ cider braised red cabbage and apple mostarda
One of the moistest Pork Loin I had in a very long time and the falvour of everything was just so in sync (^_^)

Honey Crisp Apple & Cranberry Crostata
~ mascarpone mousse crema
Served warm with big slices of apple with crispy crumble toppings and wasn't sweet at all which let the apple flavor shine thru =D

~ vanilla cream and Tia Maria chocolate ganache dip
Instead of the usual mascarpone or ricotta, this is filled with vanilla cream which was a lot lighter

Good Food, Good Service, Very reasonably priced Wine List
Bonus: if you don't want to walk outside in the Cold to reach your restaurant, there's underground parking here and the restaurant will validate the packing ticket (pay only $2).

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  1. Holy this dinner at Jump seems phenomenal! I'm glad you didn't cancel your reservation for this one LOL :) Everything looks so good, and basically you had no complaints for any of the dish! Too bad I didn't go to Jump =( That cracker is jokes! So huge =D And seeing the thickness of that crab cake is making me drool at 9 in the morning :S

  2. Really well worth the $35.00 =D
    They could easily charge $20 just for the crab cake

  3. Yeh, that crab cake is so thick! Love that picture of it split open...good shot~