Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Beast have been on my radar since it opened last year at the former location of Susur Lee's Lotus and Amuse Bouche but wanted to wait for more review to come up and also my to-eat list is way too long. It's located in an unassuming side street surrounded by houses; ok it's basically a house converted into a restaurant... this was the perfect small cozy restaurant for our early V day dinner (^_^)

Owner Scott heads up the kitchen and Rachelle makes her breads and pastries during the day, managing the front of the house at night.
Yummy, the bread was so GOOD !!!

Dead Elephant Ale (love the tattoo looking label)
~ from Railway City Brewing Co. from St.Thomas, Ontario
Beast serve mostly local produce and even have their own herb garden, it's no surprise that even the beer they served are homegrown (^_^)
Super yummy, love the flavor of Ontario /Montreal beer and it was only for $4 each

beast charcuterie
~ rabbit & carrot terrine, mortadella, pistachio pate, foie gras pate, duck and pastrami
Everything tasted good especially the duck and the foie gras pate, but for a charcuterie platter I would prefer to have more of the cured meat than pate.
♥ love the pig >(@@)< shape board ♥

Since the charcuterie platter have so many pate, I ask for some bread/toast and I was quickly bought 3 pcs of slightly toasted baguette...but when the bill came at the end I was charged $2 for these 3 slices of bread (O_o) OMG !!!!

oven-roasted bone marrow
~ parsley salad, paprika crust, grilled bread
I can't believe I'm saying this but this is better than Black Hoof's
Love the oven-roasted crispy top with the super fatty goodness =P

lamb ribs
~ carolina bbq sauce, cornbread, coleslaw
Fall off the bone good, super crispy skin with a layer of fat just in between which kept the meat super moist. The cornbread at the bottom was slightly toasted w/ a super fresh and light coleslaw

pig's head pasta
~ pappardelle, toscano, fried capers
Super good pasta and you can totally taste the difference of a home made pasta here, lightly season with a barely there caper taste
I'm not really sure if it's pig's head but it definitely braised pork

~ duck confit, chorizo sausage, poached duck egg
This a bit too salty if not it would really be perfect, just take a look at the perfectly poached egg

♥♥ Sticky Toffee Pudding ♥♥
~ toffee sauce, clotted cream
Yummy Oooyee Gooyee goodness, super buttery toffee.... 

French Press Coffee ~ the beans was freshly ground and it was really really good

Verdict :
Will go back in a heartbeat =D
I really want to try the rest of their dish but note that they change their menu seasonally featuring only in-season fruits, veggies and meat

See my 2nd visit here

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  1. ISN'T THE STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING SO FRIGGIN' AMAZING?!?!??! Booooo~ too bad I didn't get to try the bone marrow since you said it's better than Hoof's...but that item "should" be on their menu regularly *fingers crossed*. I love that board too...so cute!

  2. Yes, very very good recommendation =) Love it !!! You should def. go back just for the bone marow =P