Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Distillery Christmas Market

Heard there will be a Christmas Market at the Distillery District and since I found the holiday spirit lacking this year, we decided to head down. Ok, I know it's going be cold since I'm in Canada after all but it was freezing and I didn't bring a scarf or gloves. I should have wear a heavier coat and I would enjoy it more (>__<)

I should say there's nothing special at the booths the put up.... but with the decoration and everything you can't help but feel Christmas-y (^_^)

Huge Christmas Tree

Outfit of the day : 
old coat + f21 dress & socks + UO boots (that I also wear here) + Little Burgandy from here

It was so cold that we had to head in to SOMA for a cup of hot chocolate and we aren't the only one who thought of it... it was so packed, we had to wait in line for around 15 minsso I took a few pics...

So many treats (^__^)

Bought 2 mini pack to bring home 

Bought an intense shot and a Mayan Hot Chocolate w/ steamed milk (hot as in chili). The shot was indeed intense, it's like drinking melted chocolate, so yummy & we basically lick the cup clean (you can see how thick it is) and love the Mayan Chili Chocolate (one of my favorite flavor combination = chili + chocolate)

Love Love this Wall

We were smelling "skinky tofu" and was thinking there's no way there's a booth here.... it was in fact cheese for the German Fries which are toped with cheese which is melted off directly from this big slab... since it was freezing outside, it took forever for he cheese to melt... although we really wanted to try it, after 10 mins wait in the cold, we gave up since the line wasn't moving at all.... if you went or are planning to go and tried it, please let me know if it was worth the wait...

The Christmas Market will last until this Sunday Dec 13th, so if it's warmer this weekend you should definitely head down or just dress extra warm


  1. I need to go try that thick hot chocolate! Looks crazy thick and yummy :) But i hate the cold I hope it warms up soon~

  2. Yo have to, so Yummy.... just get the shots, forget about the one with steam milk =P LOL

  3. O so funny, my bf just suggested going this saturday. IF i DO dress warm, is it worth the trip to go?

  4. it'll start get warmer tomorrow n I guess it'll be better on Sat =D
    I guess so, just for the atmosphere...and take some nice pics... I was so cold, half the pics I have taken outside I have red nose n couldn't post LOL