Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ND Sushi & Grill

Once again got a Groupon Deal for a new Japanese Restaurant : ND Sushi & Grill. I would say their website look better than the actual dishes, I was a bit disappointed, good thing we didn't call for the $80 Omakase.It was in a unattractive neighborhood, no decor whatsoever (very plain), horrible service (all you see whole night is the 2 waitress running around but get nth done) and the waitress English was so bad that they didn't even spend time to present each dishes.

Sushi Platter ~ this is the 3rd place I've been that serve Butter Fish (apart from my favorite Japango & Sushi Couture that I wrote about here) but it's not as good, something is just missing but I'll have to say that it was good quality and very very fresh.... but really nothing special, not worth to travel to mid-town while there's a ton of similar Jap. Restaurant uptown.

Ikura Sushi (Salmon Roe) ~ one of my favorite Sushi

Clam Soup ~ this was not your usual clear Japanese soup that you get like the one here which usually highlight the seafood original flavour... this one was cloudy and very very salty (not from the clam)

Katsu Don ~ really not bad, it's the ultimate Japanese Comfort food, server piping hot... just warm up any winter night (^_^) But the one at J Town is much better (still think it's the best in T.O)

Gindara Saikyo ~ miso marinated black cod (had better ones at Lee's & Yuzu)

 Sesame Panna Cotta w/ ice cream ~ an attempt of fusion dessert which they fail (o_O)

There's really no need to travel to mid town, there's a lot better Jap. place uptown.
If you are in the area, I would recommend to go a few doors down to Olde York Fish & Chips  
(one of the best in T.O. and it's always packed)

 Took 1/2 day off Friday, last week of November to spend a well deserve day with Ben, first we had a relaxing Lunch at Wildfire (w/ my Coupon Deal too)... then went to watch a movie ~ Harry Potter (without line up) and shop for a bit before dinner at ND.

 My Date Outfit
faux fur + tutu + H&M pink tight + f21 bootie + Anarchy's cage ring + f21 cross connector ring
(switch to my comfy UGG for shopping)

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  1. Eeeek! The clam soup and the dessert looks horrible~ Thanks for the warning :)

  2. Hope you didn't bought that deal >___<

  3. Nope I didn't, thankfully~ I'm going to Table 17 tomorrow *finally*!!!

  4. Yeah, let me know what you think =D

  5. Your photographs are as harshly lit and as poorly focused as your palate.