Monday, December 13, 2010

Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse ~ B'day Dinner #3

On my Birthday, Ben treated me to a dinner at Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse, it has been on my to-eat list for a while but since it's really expensive (one of the most expensive steakhouse in Toronto), we are saving it for a special occasion. It was a great Birthday surprise =P But be warn, I guess because of the price tag the place is pack with a much more mature crowd mostly in suits (>__<)

 Love the space, the spilt level space that once house a club. Inspired by the luxe meat temples in Las Vegas, with their modern decor and sky's-the-limit wine lists, Jacobs boasts cream walls, diffuse lighting and lush reds in the cellar.
We have to go through the piano bar, up the stairs, past the meat locker and by the wine cellar to our seats. 

Jacobs' biggest gimmick/attraction is the aging room. The glass fridge glows along one side of the dining room, its shelves propping dark-red flesh sheathed in creamy fat.  
As soon as you see it, you can't help but want to taste a piece ASAP (^___^)
The meat locker is where they age the meat to perfection from anywhere between 14-45 days depending on the type of meat.

When I said sky's-the-limit wine lists, it also meant very expensive wine list.  We only ordered one of the cheapest wine that's barely under $100, I think there's less than 10 wines that's under $100 among the hundreds of choices.... although it was one of the cheaper one, we loved our choice.

They served popovers instead of bread w/ a herbeb garlic butter, it was so egg-y, airy, yummy good
(not recommended for a first date cause the garlic was quite strong)

Jacobs Caesar Salad made tableside (award winning I heard)
~this was really good and our waiter was super descriptive & funny

 Anchovy, sea salt, pepper, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, Tobasco Sauce (extra for me - love the added spiciness), lemon, vinegar, egg yolk and vinegar added gradually until it's emulsified to form the dressing.

 Then fresh croutons, bacon & extra parmesan on top.
This is normally over dressed for my usual taste but this was so good that I didn't mind at all.
The portion was also really big, we even split the one serving into 2 plates.

Beef Tartar w/ anchovy, caper, egg yolk & truffle oil.
This by far the best beef tartar I ever had, all of the ingredients are very subtle letting the beef shine through. The beef was so sweet... this is so fresh and a very comparison to the more salty salad that we had.
And the portion was really big too, it was enough for us to share.

The steak was served with some side of salts and sauce.
Regular sea salt, carbon sea salts & smoked sea salts and sour cream sauce, ponzu sauce and an avocado sauce. 
Love how the salt brings out the flavour of the steak, but on the other hand I could go without the sauces.

 Duck Fat French Fries w/ tarragon
~ I was so surprise at how you could actually taste the duck fat

Everyone by now should know my love for foie gras, so I just have to order a Side of the 2oz Foie Gras
~ although we managed to share, it was a really really tiny piece but it was cook to perfection, definitely money well spend

Steaks are Char-Broiled in a Montague Grill at 1800 degrees
(the same as at Ruth's Chris, but don't expect your steaks to hiss their way to the table)  

Oakleigh Range Wagyu - N.S.W., Autralia
Aged 30 days 8 oz California Cut Striploin at $92.00
Since it was my birthday I order a more expensive one, but it was only middle price among other choices. The most expensive was the $400 16oz Ribeye from Black Tajima-Miyazaki, Japan.
 I normally order my steak at Rare but the waiter recommended it at slightly more cooked than rare due to the high fat content. It was perfect, cook just right and the flavour is so intense... the best steak I ever had =)

USDA Prime Black Angus - Kansas, USA
Aged 38 days 14 oz  Ribeye at $46.00
 We decided to choose one of the cheaper choices to balance out the price and Ben ordered it at Medium Rare. It was also very very good but you can definitely taste the difference between the two.

 Due to the rather large potion size of everything we didn't order dessert.
The Bill came with 2 muffins meant to be Breakfast the next day which was a perfect way to end our yummy dinner (btw, the muffin was sooooo good)

Thanks Ben !!! Love U !!!

A Must Try ~ I know it's expensive but please treat yourself at least once but I bet you'll go back for more the moment you try it =P

Please make reservation, we went on a Wednesday and it was super pack.

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  1. Awww what a great birthday you had, Vicky! Happy Birthday! =) Sooo jealous of your time at Jacob & Co. ^^ I don't think I will ever be "seh duck" enough to go :/ I will just live off your pictures =D

  2. just go and don't order that bottle of wine and order a drink instead, share the appetizer, no need of sides then it'll be around $200 for 2... then it won't be as expensive... heehee... I guess that's what I'll do next time. LOL
    me not "seh duck" ga since with that $$$ I can get 1/3 of a LV... but it was a special treat from Ben >O<

    I also want to try Barbarian =P