Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mitzi's Sister

We went to Mitzi's Sister 2 weeks ago after a day of shopping and got there at around 9:00. We had to pay $5 cover to get in for the live band playing that night, although they weren't that good, it was a great atmosphere / vibe. All the tables was full so we sat at the bar and the service was quick, casual and friendly.

Roasted Beet Salad ~ with feta cheese, pistachios on baby spinach w/ a citrus vinaigrette
The portion was a lot bigger than I expected but it was super good especially because I love beets.
It was super fresh and the vinaigrette was light and lightly dressed

Love it, will have it any day

Blackened Haddock Tacos ~ Haddock, black beans, mango salsa, green & red cabbage
This was so good, I will definitely go back for this.
This and the salad would have been more than enough for the 2 of us

 Braised Lamb & Sweet potato Roti
~ Lamb & Chipotle sweet potato w/ tamarind drizzle & cumin yogurt.
There was barely any lamb inside and I found the cumin & tamarind combined withe the sweet potato a bit too strong and over whelming. It was not that bad, it was in fact quite ok since we still finished it >_<

Ordered a pitcher of Wellington, it one of my favorite local beer of the moment. 

Love the taps

I do feel an outcast, as if I didn't really belong here and need a tattoo but I did love it.
The food was great, big portion, very well priced, great beer selection on tap and live band playing.

Maybe I should go try their Lunch or Brunch next time (^_^)

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  1. I've been to Mitzi's Sister maybe a few months ago. I ordered a salad but forgot which one haha but for sure yours look way better than mine. I think my friend ordered the same roti and she could only finish half of it - it was huge!

    We went around 6pm on a week night so the crowd was pretty different than yours (it was mainly families with kids). What a difference!

  2. you should def. go try their tacos, ours was so good =P

  3. Will do :) I went to Mitzi's on College for brunch before. Not bad, average, not anything WOW though.

  4. We had brunch there this morning ... not impressed :(