Thursday, December 2, 2010

Backyard Garden Restaurant (半畝園)

Most of my friends may know that I have Spicy food cravings from time to time...quite often really, almost every week. But Spicy hot food mean either Chinese Szechuan or Korean food. I don't usually take pics of Chinese food and haven't write about any yet. So I decided to start with one of my favorite, it's the Backyard Garden Restaurant (半畝園) at Metro Square, they also have 2 other location, one at Midland & Finch and the 2nd one at Hwy7 & Leslie. But I heard that the Hwy7 location isn't that great, so I never visited although it's right by my workplace.

Above is a cold cucumber dish, it's smashed and drizzle with chili oil, garlic, chopped peanut and sometimes there's peanut sauce too. I'll try to post more Chinese Restaurant reviews from now on.

Spicy Fried Crab 
~ a whole Vancouver crab fried with a super spicy sauce, what else you could ask for at $9.99 on top of the super good "Wok hay" (鑊氣)

Saliva Chicken (口水雞) 
~ Ok, the name sounds disgusting but it's the direct translation of a popular cold appetizer from Szechuan China. And no, it's not made with anyone's saliva. It's named that way simply because it's so tasty that it made people salivate for more. This is my favorite dish at Backyard, I order it every time I went.

Water Cook Fish (水煮魚)
it not really cook in water, the fish is in fact cook in Chili oil together with nappa cabbage, bean sprouts & chillis

Cumin Lamb ~ don't think you need an explanation for this one >_<
This is the least spicy of all the dishes although you could see a lot of dried chili, it's because dried chili tends to release their flavour (that is there oil) when cook for longer period of time preferably in liquids such as soup, sauce etc.....

I will try to post more pictures of my spicy adventures in the future and I'll try to take more pics of all my Favorite Chinese Restaurant  (^_^)

Try this place only if you like Spicy food cause their non-spicy dishes are really not that great.

Have to take a picture of their Spicy Beer Duck pot next time... it's super good

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  1. They all look soooooooooo good! I love spicy food but im pretty sure your tolerance is higher than mine after seeing all these pics =D

  2. LOL... you do build up you tolerance you know, just like alcohol =P