Monday, December 20, 2010

Seoul House

 Saw a picture of raw blue crabs from a friend's facebook page and I know I have to have it.... It's from a Korean restaurant called Seoul House on Steeles and Yonge. I love Korean food ^_^

Gye Jang Bac ~ it's marinated small blue crab.
It's rather salty and it's meant to be eaten with rice...Super GOOD especially for a crab lover like me

Side Dishes ~ they have one of the best Kimchi

We also ordered the Galbee BBQ (table cooking)
~ the galbee was huge, really good quality and love it's cook a carbon grill instead of the regular gas grill from most Korean restaurant.

Comes with Spicy seaweed salads

Korean BBQ always come with bean sauce, garlic, jalapeno and lettuce that you wrap your meat in 

They cut off the bone when cooking at the table and they cook the bone back in the kitchen for you, but I guess it's so big, it's really though and you can't really eat it

Kimchi Chiga 
 ~ they have the most horrible kimchi soup, it's not sour and spicy as it should be and taste mainly of shrimps. If you go, please avoid ordering soup >__<

 We ordered a bottle of Soju (I think it taste like Vodka) and I normally mix it with other juices.
Here, we mix it with Yogurt drinks which is my favorite Soju combination

Complimentary dessert ~ I totally forgot what it was but it's really not that great.

Great Korean BBQ place and the Crab was great, definitely a must try.
But please don't order their soup, I guess it's not their specialty since I don't see other table ordering.

This is one of those Korean restaurant where all the waitress don't speak English all that well.
But great service still

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  1. Small blue crabs is the only kind of crab I like (and also stone crabs which we do not have in Canada). I like blue crabs because I like all the roe in it =) I think this is where we differ because I'm more of a lobster fan while you are a crab fan ^_^

    Another thing that caught my eye is the YOGURT SOJU! LOVE IT! It tastes so much like "yik lik dor" yummy~ I can't stand soju by itself tho (tastes like rubbing alcohol). Like you said, HAVE to have it with juice =)

  2. it is korean "yik lik dor", we added 2 small bottles =)

    this is my first time eating raw crab although I guess it's slightly cook by the marinade... but still raw, especially the roe. Since we didn't get stomach pain, I guess it's OK to eat it raw =P

  3. My friend just gave me a big jar of marinated raw hairy crab (dai chaap hai)~ It's soaked in a soya sauce and something else...but it was super salty (not as good as I thought it taste) and doesn't look as good as your raw crab~ I rather try you Korean crab~

  4. Hi CIG

    Thanks for reading & commenting on my blog =D

    This was rather salty too and it is meant to be eaten with rice.... shouldn't the Chinese version be the same (congee or rice)?

  5. luv the post now i def wanna try this blue crab and also the soju...i'm not much for alcoholic drinks unless it's the ones where i can't taste the alcohol lol

    @Food Junkie i'm more of a crab fan than a lobster fan hehe

    i luv dungeoness crab is already a meal to me...did a crab boil last xmas it was yummy