Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baton Rouge (@ Hwy 7) ~ B'day Dinner #2

As you may have realize I posted B'day Diner #1 here & #3 here and you should be wondering about Dinner #2. It's because I only went to Baton Rouge near my workplace on Hwy 7 at Commerce Valley. I have only been to Baton Rouge once many years ago, but didn't remember it being that horrible... the food was horrible and really not worth the price. It was my friend's choice and treat (>___<)

We ordered total of 2 bottle of wine... 
please do not order the first one which was their feature wine, it was horrible but the 2nd one was a bit better

Was waiting for Ben to get up from downtown, so we order an Shrimp Cocktail to go with the wine while waiting. Although the shrimp was indeed large, it was not entirely defrost and the ice just melt everywhere (such a mess)

All entree come with a choice of salad or soup

Ben ordered the Steak Frites (picture on top), it was the best main of the night. The meat was ok and the sweet potatoes fires was fresh made not those frozen McCain ones =P
I ordered the Filet Mignon, guess just from the picture below you can see how good it was: HORRIBLE !!!

 My friend ordered the Seared Ahi Tuna with a side of scallops.
The tuna was not fresh at all, normally seared tuna have a red center... but the one here was white, so not fresh and way over cooked which I guess was good since it was not fresh so better not eat raw

Carrot Cake & Trio Cheesecake~ taste like store bought, nothing special

 My friend ordered the Grand Manier Blueberry Tea

Verdict :
Baton Rouge will be on my worst chain restaurant list from now on.
There's a lot more better chain restaurant nearby that's much better, with much better atmosphere, service, food and drinks


  1. I agree that Baton Rouge is not the best chain restaurant, not even close actually haha~ However, to be fair, Baton Rouge IS more specialized in the area of ribs compared to other things. If and when I do go there, I always order ribs for entree and nothing else because it is known for ribs and it's a safe choice there; it is not the best ribs BY FAR for sure, but it is better than anything else on their menu. I won't even consider ordering steak or seafood there (just like if I go to The Keg, I will stick to steak and won't order seafood).

    But yeah, the appetizers there are mediocre and that shrimp cocktail looks disgusting! I don't think any chain restaurants make their own cakes anymore though.

  2. Cause the first time I want a few years ago I ordered the ribs and thought that I prefer Montana's much better... that's why I didn't order this time =P