Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Barberian's Steakhouse

Went to Barberian's Steakhouse on Christmas eve, yes steak again and it's only because there wasn't much choice, most restaurant are close during the Christmas weekend. I love Jacobs so much that I'm not sure if anywhere else can beat it (I went for my B'day here). But it's been voted as #1 Best Steakhouse in Toronto by blog TO and Jacob is only at #3....

This is my 2nd time to Barbarian, when me and Ben first dated 2 years ago, we went there for their after Ten menu for Cheese Fondue for two and loved it

This Elm Street landmark celebrated its 51st anniversary this year, in the dining room that remains unchanged from the day when Raquel Welch broke the no-jeans dress code. 
Founded by Harry Barberian and run today by his son Arron, it features an epic wine cellar and a staff that stays around for decades.

Thanks hun for dinner

Have to have a bottle of Red Wine w/ my steak (^_^)

 Out Basket of Garlic Bread arrives with some pickled vegies which was very delicious, not overly sour, done just right (the jalapeno was super spicy)

 Coquilles Saint Jacques
 ~ this was a let down, I expected something more flavorful but it falls blend

~ this is one one the best I've tasted in Toronto, not too oily or salty and it was rather large in size =)

 New York Sirloin Steak (10 oz) w/ side of spinach
~ I ordered RAW and it came a little bit overcook =( the meat itself isn't as flavorful as Jacob's, maybe because it's not aged as long

Ben's Rib Steak (16 oz) w/ baked potato
this was much better than mine, the meat w/ the fat is much more flavorful and wasn't overcook like mine

 Hot Apple Beignets with Vanilla Ice Cream
~ this was my favorite dish of the night, I was expecting to have some sauteed apple on the side.... but it came and it was actually like an apple ring (just like onion ring but with apple instead) =P

 The Bill, so old school

Verdict :
It was not bad for it's price and I can't compare to Jacob's since it's half the price. We arrive late that night and I sort of felt bad if not I would have return my steak for being slightly overcook.
But this will definitely not be my #1 steakhouse, I obviously prefer Jacob and even Chris Ruth is much better. But I do like their wine list which has a lot of variety and yet still affordable.

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  1. Oh even Ruth Chris is much better? Aiya I'm disappointed but I guess I will still try it since I'm too cheap to go to Jacobs and I've been to Ruth Chris several times, so might as well. But those escargots look lovely and HUGE! Best you've ever had too!? Nice. And that dessert looks down right scrumptious :)

  2. LOL... if you hold back on the wine, Jacob isn't that expansive and you could definitely share the Caesar Salad.. cause Jacob's price range are quite wide, some are around the same price as Barberian =)

  3. Really? hmmmm...maybe V-day...mwahhaha~~~

  4. LOL... yup and just go to the otehr places aroung the area for drinks b4 or after =)