Friday, December 24, 2010

Makeup Christmas for me (^_^)

Just love all the makeup specials/sales and gift sets out there during the holiday seasons... so a shopaholic that I am and the new makeup junkie that I am, I just can't resist =P

 UD NYC ~ Urban Decay's Book of shadow volume III
It's a limited edition Urban Decay's limited pallet from Sephora
It's a playful pop-up eyeshadow kit inspire by the iconic landmark of New York City.

 16x shimmery shadow, 2x 24/7 Glide-On eye pencils & a travel size eyeshadow primer portion ~ I'm a big fan of all 3 product. Their black 24/7 eyeliner and primer are my must have product at all time. This is my first time getting their eyeshadow but I felt in love the moment I try it on in store, the texture is so fine and smooth with just the right size & amount of shimmer

UD's Beauty in a Box $49
~ such a good deal, at that price you could not even get the 2 eyeshadow, given that it's my fave color of the moment: deep purple and a sheer vanilla color for highlight. I also tried the lipstick (Wiked) and it's really natural looking (experts say that the best lipstick shade should be 2 shades darker than your natural lip color). I haven't try the mascara yet but I'm sold by their packaging already, such a nice design.
Stila lip glaze 
~ I'm adding one to all of my girlfriends gift and keep the rest for myself  =P
Smith's Rosebud ~ My fave Winter Lip Balm
IQQU Brushes
~ IQQU is by Michelle Phan (my fave makeup guru) and all their makeup brushes are handcrafted in Thailand
I tried their sunscreen which is like a primer (not oily or sticky like most other brand) and their Blush Brush, eyeliner brush & Red Kabuki Brush. I can say that it's comparable to the MAC brushes that I have at 1/3 of the price. So when they had a Cyber Monday sale, I bought an extra eyeliner brush, a Stippling Brush & the Travel Set

Travel Set

Love the tiny Kabuki Brush from the Travel Set, loot at how tiny it is, so CUTE
And it can even open up to form a blush brush  >_<

 Comparing to my regular Kabuki
(I like IQQU's Kabuki better than my MAC's)

The Blending Brush that I have been using , I use it for Blush and I love how it make the tips all pink

I have been using Shoppers Drug Mart's Quo pro series Crease Blender Brush (I have 2) for a while and it's they type of eyeshadow brush that can complete the whole eye makeup (so convenient for everyday use). Since it's 40% off last week, I wanted to try their Eyeliner/Brow, Shadow Smudger and Angled Contour Brush

Redeem a philosophy gift set with my Sephora beauty points
~ It was such a big set, I will save my points from now on instead of redeeming every 100 points which you basically only get really small sample size product.

Sparkle and Joy ~ Merry Christmas !!!


  1. The love them all, they are beautiful.

  2. Glen : Thanks for reading my blog =) Hope you'll be following

  3. thanks a lot for reviewing the iqqu brushes :*

  4. Just to let you know taht I love all teh IQQU brushes except the Stippling Brush.... it does shed quite a bit